Monday, September 1, 2008

Delicate dreams...

Delicate dreams, originally uploaded by Rabujee.

I want to sleep like a baby tonight... why? Because tomorrow's a big day and no more sleeping in for me!
I'm actually excited though, finally a job where I don't have to wear dirty jeans and work boots and play around in coal dust. Yup, the previous job was at a power plant and all I breathed for 8 months was disgusting coal dust; I'm sure my lungs suffered a lot of trauma due to that, in fact, I have a feeling that job was pretty hazardous for me in the end.
The month after my term was over I found out the office building where we sat had black mold lol. I'm no doc, but I'm sure Falling Up can tell us the consequences of sitting in that 40 hours a week aren't too great.
Don't know what this new job holds for me, but I'll find out tomorrow and until then I'm excited and semi-nervous.
Anywho, speaking of babies...I actually came here to share something funny I heard while shopping the other day. I was at the Target near my house, in the shoe aisle, where I overheard a little girl probably about 5 or 6 complaining to her mom. These were her exact words "MOMMMMM, I JUST want my school supplies.... I don't care about shoesssss." I had to chuckle 'cause I compared myself to her and realized I could learn a thing or two from her about priorities hehe.
You gotta love that about little kids, my niece whose first day of first grade is tomorrow is absolutely in love with school and her teachers (thank God). Also, she recently has taken a liking to imitating TV commercials and combining these two loves of hers results in another funny tale to tell.
The other day she told me how she "can't wait" to go to first grade but hopes she doesn't get Mrs. Blank " 'cause shes too old!" She continued "And Ani (short for Aunty), I don't want to just go back to school... I want to ARRIVEEE" and with that she throws her hands into the air and strikes a pose.
JcPenny, you have a new spokesperson and she's darn good at it!


Constructive Attitude said...

hahahahahha, W is sooooooooooo cute! mashallah!

Good luck tomorrow!

Falling Up said...

awwwww, This is Wafa, right? So cute, mashaAllah! I still remember her when we had dinner at your house. I love her!

supreem said...

lol good luck!

The Awkward Type said...

I ve only been out of college 2 years, and they've already updated the term! Ahh!

Chuckle said...

i remember the good ol' days i loved school. and that was so cute how that girl wanted school supplies rather than shoes. every little girl should be like that.

and you niece is funny.

and i think i'm starting to like school again. eeek! let's see how long that lasts.

Artistic Logic said...

lol chuckle...i don't think i remember a time when i liked school... probably back in elementary or something

supreem said...

so true about kids... that's like me though.. i'd go for sharpies over shoes any day :)