Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Back :D

After a long and eventful hiatus I have decided to grace you again with my savvy political commentary :). So lets start with the month that was..lets see there was the Beijing Olympics which was actually a success (surprise). Micheal Phelps broke numerous records for the Men's Swimming bringing home eight gold medals which is an all time high (no surprise here). Beijing now taunting London (site for 2012 Olympics), in essence saying, beat that! London not phased by the elaborate and lavish reception in Beijing, the Mayor of London promising to in fact beat Beijing.
Ooh and Russia invaded Georgia to flare up separitism in the South Ossetia provinvce. After a peacekeeping deal from the European Union (no help from the Americas), Russia decided to "withdraw" taking it's sweet, sweet time. Russian troops still continue to patrol the city of Poti.
August has also seen its fair share of history right here in the homeland, with the August Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention being the first in history to officially nominate an African American for president and a Republican woman for vice president, respectively. Lets not forget that the Democratic nomination of Geraldine Ferraro for vice president in the 80's was the first ever nomination of women for VP.

So lets talk politics. Who is this gun toting, hockey mom Gov. Sarah Palin? Would believe me if I said she was Mephistopheles in high heels? I didn't think so (wiki it). She has served two terms in city council, then two terms as mayor. In 2006 by being elected as Gov. of Alaska she became the first woman Gov. and the youngest person to hold that office. She used to go moose hunting with her father in high school and she was the captain of her basketball team. She finished second in the Miss Alaska Pageant and won the "Miss Congeniality" award. She admits to smoking marijuana but has reportedly said that she did not enjoy it..(riiiight). She also helped her husband in his fishing business. Now lets get to her policies: she's an oil and gas woman, pushing hard for drilling in Alaskan National Wildlife know the place set aside for endangered animals and wildlife...In 2007 she unsurprisingly allowed state biologists to hunt down and kill wolves by helicopters to increase Moose gaming population (what does she have against animals??) AND she doesn't want polar bears to be put on the endangered species list EVEN THOUGH it has long been studied that polar bear populations have declined by over 40% and will increase to do so with the melting of the Ice Shelf in the Arctics. And she's against protecting wales from oil drilling...hmm oil spills anyone? Now lets get into why she's under investigation by the Alaskan State. Palin dismissed the Public Safety Commissioner allegedly because of his refusal to fire her ex-brother in law during a bitter custody battle with her sister. Interestingly enough the investigator will make his public announcement on the matter on Oct 31, 4 days before the general election, smart really (sarcasm).
My whole issue with her is really not even about her, as McCain has said the job of Vice President is to ask after the health of the President and step in if something happens. She will really have no say in his administration- unless he dies but thats a completely different tangent. My problem is that Mccain on the eve of his decision was still strongly for Lieberman, only when he was sat down by his campaign staff and forcefully pushed into not picking Lieberman, did he choose Palin after a 15 minute conversation with her on the phone- he hadn't even met this woman. If they had vetted her I would bet my fall semester tuition ($4000) that Palin would never have been picked. This shows what a McCain presidency would look like: rash, risky decisions without the careful and necessary research. Sound familiar? I know everyone on the Democratic side is trying to make the point that he's voted with Bush 95% of the time, but I don't think people fully grasp what that means. Do you want an invasion of Iran? A nuclear war with Russia? A million North Korean soldiers declaring death to America? Lets not even get started on what could happen in Pakistan- lets not forget they've gone nuclear as well. These are trying and dangerous times, who do you want answering that red phone at 3 in the morning?

Oh and I guess I should mention that yesterday Coalition troops pursued Taliban fighters into Pakistan killing 7 (not confirmed how many deaths yet). The fighters escaped.

And on that note I shall sign off, forgive my long rant I just feel real passionate about this. SO with that, I hope you all take advantage of the blessings of this month and when you get hungry I hope you might reflect on those people who do not have the luxury of an iftar waiting for them.

May your lives be filled with the peace and blessings of Allah


Constructive Attitude said...

I cant believe Mccain picked that lady after only speaking with her for 15 freaking minutes. That is just stupid. really really stupid.

p.s. Micheal Phelps is awesome!!

Artistic Logic said...

i missed your political/informative posts ... glad to see you back =)
i'm not politically savvy at all but for some reason this thought popped in my mind when i heard Palin was chosen for vp by Mccain: I felt like he was just choosing a woman so that his run for presidency would be just as "revolutionary" as obamas.... there's obama, an african american man running, its a first (right?)... and so McCain wants to equal it out by choosing a woman as vp....anyways i dont even know if that makes sense lol as i said im not too knowledgeable in this area ;)
oh one more opinion, i feel like shes ill equipped as a vp... i mean i know you said (and its true) that her job isn't as critical, however, the man IS in his 70's (i think) so....she might be needed if something happens (God forbid)... i just don't think being mayor and governor for 2 years gives you the experience to be a leader of the nation...

provoking invoking said...

i agree about palin, i think he picked her to APPEAR progressive and at the same time win over the extreme right-wing neoconservatives that don't think mccain is extreme enough. (he has always been the old-fashioned fiscal conservative which is not what today's republican cares about.. spend spend spend unless its for the public).

HOWEVER, i still do not think barack obama will solve any problems. the only true form of progressive is ANTI-WAR. obama and mccain are two sides of the same coin, and the differences between them are small nuances. my suggestoin to muslims is not to vote for either candidate, because when the c-o-c (commander of chief) sends his troops to kill more innocent humans (especially our brothers and sisters), you will be accountable for the vote/consent that you gave this politician. and we should think first about the hereafter, and our account. not about the world.

and i guarantee (from everyhthing he says) obama is no exception. he is the pockets of lobbyists and oil companies. he realy doesnt have much "change" to offer (except for those coins that i mentioned earlier).

i truly fear for this ummah and the responsibility it will bear by becoming a part of the corrupt system that tortures our brothers, rapes our sisters and turns them to prostitution, and denies medicine to our elders, indiscriminately killing all.

i urge you all not to vote for either candidate if you have a conscience.

i want to make a post about this.

provoking invoking said...

i want to add that there's really NO TELLING with obama's level of sincerity. he tells every group what they want to hear, thereby constantly contradicting himself. on the other hand mccain has been consistent in his politics for most of his life (believing in small government, which is probably what this country needs right now), UNTIL NOW. this is because he has been trying to be president for years but was not accepted by the neo-con republicans with his actual beliefs.. now he has changed to become more neo-con to finally acheive the nomination. still thats not good enough for the right so he picked palin- who i believe mccain does not agree with but is pretending and compromising himself for the election. in this regard, both candidates (obama and mccain) are two politicians willing to do whatever it takes to be president (compromise their principles). there is no good choice.

i want to add that the idea of another cold war really worries me. but it is certainly possible considering americans DO NOT learn from history. another waste of the people's taxes when we are in dire need of public power.

Constructive Attitude said...

oh yeah, i am so looking forward to the 2012 olympics because i wanna see what london's opening and closing ceremony will be like. i dont think any nation can top what china did this year.

Chuckle said...

i watched some parts of both the democratic and republican national convention. it was really interesting to see how both sides represented themselves. honestly, i never even heard of it until this year. one thing i noticed was how both sides continuously brought up the topics that were important to supporters of their party. like the republicans kept talking about pro-life and right to bear arms not to mention keeping the terrorist out and keeping this country "safe" and oh yeah, no gay marriages. while the democrats talked about health care for "everyone" and getting out of war asap and charging large corportations taxes while giving the po' aka the middle class a break.

and i take that you're a democrat? just a lucky guess.

and i wish obama picked hilary for vp just so the republicans came up with other ideas or found another way to be different. for all we know the republicans would of picked an alien as in a mexican or chinese (or any other race, maybe even a real alien from outerspace) for vp. they could've went as far as picking a mexican-chinese vp who also happens to be a woman and who also happens to be gay. well that wouldn't have worked out because well, we kinda have an idea on their position about thattt. but it would've been different.

all in all i love democrats and repubicans because they're more alike than they are different. and whoever gets elected is going to have a hard time making things "right". trust me it will take a lonnnggg time. and this is coming from an optimist who knows what she's talking about. because i am sarah palin. lol i'm kidding. i'm barack obama. ok ok seriously... i'm joe lieberman.


Snake Charmer said...

chuckle, you make me laugh. Provoking Invoking I respectfully disagree with you, but thats the beauty of opinions we can agree to disagree :P. Artistic Logic you have a very poignant point because the probability of a man reaching the age of 80 is 1 in 3. Palin would rape our nation the way she let oil rigs rape Alaskan waters.

Artistic Logic said...

chuckle ur so funny.... constructive attidude ur random lol....
and provoking invoking i see what you're saying and this entire campaigning process i haven't felt too strongly about either side =\

controlled chaos said...

this has gotten interesting.
i think i'll go back to india where politics are so much more simpler. Where everybody is obviously the bad guy and everyone can tell they're lying.

provoking invoking said...

that's funny CC, because i feel like people SHOULD by now see thats its obvious when they're lying. especially the democrats when they talk about health care and other domestic reforms that they don't have the funds for as long they are funding wars. the democrats have so far done nothing for their people since they took the majority. the two parties haven't been very different (besides small nuances) for a long time.. at least in terms of things that would lead to TRUE change. its not gonna happen.

it's interesting to me that Muslims are not bringing up the issue of Biden very often, a die-hard hardcore zionist.

Artistic Logic said...

haha... wasn't that the case with the 2000 election where Muslims opted for Bush becuase the other candidate's (forgot who it was) running mate was a supporter of Israel...i could be wrong aboout all that but that's what I recall and we suffered from our decision to vote for Bush for 8 i guess no one is paying attention ot that now... and really, I dont think it matters, no one will really see our point of view, not for a long time then we'll probably be dead

Snake Charmer said...

Wow way to be downers. PV the majority that the Democrats hold in Congress is miniscule they don't have a two thirds majority which is needed to get real things done without compromise. And um we live in AMERICA we CREATED Israel- it's like our baby. All Dems and Republicans HAVE to support Israel it's a non starter. And yes change does not occur instantly but removing yourself from the process and then bitching about how change is never going to happen- doesn't work either. This election is the deciding factor between the next four years of the last eight OR change- and yes I know it's an overused word but anything other than Bush policies is exactly that- change.

provoking invoking said...

sc i respect you, but i humbly disagree. whatever majority the democrats may or may not have does not change the fact that they are not much more progressive than their sister party. All of our "representatives" are influenced by lobbyists (and many go on to become lobbyists whether they were republican or democrat), oil companies, israel, and the military-industrial complex. that won't change from the inside. what is missing really is substantial PRESSURE from the people. it is up to people to claim their rights; not a prerogative of the government.

Opposition of zionism being equal to 'political suicide' does NOT justify support of israel. sorry.
just because the government doesn't have any principles (or compromises the principles for the interests of israel and imperialism), doesn't mean i have to compromise mine. you can call me "impractical" but i'd rather be right with Allah than support false change and optical illusions. thats my opinion.

provoking invoking said...

sorry for double posting. Artistic Logic, good point- people are often blind to history and repeating it til the next generation of historians notice the point of view..and peoples still will fail to see it in their own times. lovely cycle that is.

and one of the other reasons that Muslims backed bush was because he took the time to visit our mosques (UGH, najasa in the masjids!!) and the democrats never did. he also made lots of promises. interestingly, this election NEITHER of the candidates have visited mosques. i guess they have muslim votes taken care of through our 'community leaders' that keep telling us "ITS HARAM IF YOU DONT VOTE AND PARTICIBATE!!"

also interesting, many muslims voted for bush the SECOND time around because of tax cuts (lots of wealthy american muslims..) and other misguided reasons.


supreem said...

simply put... her picked her to rival the support obama has with h. clinton, so that all those female president supporters would shift their attention. Nevertheless, he doesn't realize that clinton actually had some good plans, so why would people support a woman who has no real plans at all?