Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My fabulous morning

I had a boring morning. Let me share it with you. And if you love me enough, you'll read it. And if not, who cares. I don't think I'd read it either.

I had quite a bit of time on my hands today.

I woke up bright and early this Tuesday morning, got dropped off at the hospital only to discover that classes have been cancelled. The next would be at one. I look at the time. 8:07 AM. I have postings but its dentistry and they don't take classes. Grrrreat. No sweat, I can just go to the library. Locked. Exam time for the seniors = no classes for us. The reason why that hadn't informed us? They forgot. *sighs* I took an auto to the college. The auto drivers always claim that they don't have any change. *rolls eyes* Well, I'm not giving you a hundred for a 40 ruppee trip, but thanks for the offer. We ask the phone reacharge guy and thank God he has some.

8:34 AM
While walking into the hospital I had to fight the wind as it was blowing my cotton shalwar khameez up. So light weight, so breatheable, great for the heat, but your worst enemy when it gets windy. Upon entering I spot a security guard on his way out. He was a very slim man whith a gray and black uniform complete with a cap. He looked pretty jolly, which in my opinion, is hard for skinny people to appear {the word "jolly" specifically}. His rather large beard was what made him stand out. It was quite scruffy. It went in all directions possible and was even wider than his small frame.

9:17 AM Five hours until class. I have to do SOMETHING. I walked up to the library. Locked. It should be open by now. Just my luck. I plop down on the staircase in front of the elevators and near the library door and open my textbook and start to read, getting distracted by the opening and shutting of the elevator doors. The nurse, or "sister" as they call them here, caught my eye. She was a middle-aged woman. Maybe late 40s. Black hair with a few gray strands here and there. Her uniform looked like a nurse's halloween costume gone horribly wrong. The tunic went down to her knees [Thank God!}, instead of wearing pants like the other nurses she wore white knee-high leggings. Spandex or any other stretchy material is a no-no in my book. It looks weird on slim people; imagine it on an older, "healthier" {Read:plumper} woman. But she was all cheery and friendly and old woman-like, I could do nothing but push the spandex out of my mind and smile.

11:00 AM
I am going crazy. People watch other people in the library. So I was watching the people who were watching the other people. Get me? I don't stare or anything but it gets so boring. You just sit there and wonder if anyone else is just as bored as you and hope that they aren't so you can watch them do whatever it is that they are doing. It's live TV.

11:30-something AM
The library cleaning woman comes and stops by my table. She wants money. As usual, I have none. But my sister gave her some so I'll let her know we are from the same family. lol. She's a rude woman, in my opinion. Usually they thanks you, say a little prayer and walk away happily. I don't think I deserve a prayer but some common courtesy is greatly appreciated. This woman was saying the Muslim greeting to my sister, "Asalaam Alaikum". My sister stuck out some money to give her while she was saying it. The woman stopped in mid-sentence, grabbed the money, turned around and walked quickly away. So it was really, "Asalaamu wa-" I think people like that are too greedy.

12:49 PM
I don't know what happened or when I dozed off but it was finally, finally time for class. Then freedom. I have the rest of this week off thanks to the seniors having finals exams. I think this is God's way of giving me more time to make the most of Ramadan. And I'm super happy for a break. I just wish I didn't bother waking up so early in the morning.

Moral of the story: Don't go to class on time. Let the losers like me go for you and then text you if there isn't class.


Artistic Logic said...

oh snap... a whole week off...yay

i wish i had the same =\

lol your observations are funny =)

Mrs. Cullen said...

hehe nice post