Monday, July 14, 2008

"Why aren't they forgiving us??"

[I know my first post should be my own words, but I couldn't help but share this with you all when I came across it. It certainly reflects how I feel as well, when I read or hear news where the Israeli government *apologizes* for killing innocent children, women, elders... or journalists, UN workers, and whoever with their precision bombs.

Oh, and on a related note, Italy is calling for all masajid (mosques) in the country to recognize the legitimacy of Israel, and trying to remove Muslim leaders who refuse to recognize it. source

Also, I came across an interesting movement: For two years Israel severely crippled Gaza by completely cutting off fuel, medicine, and all other needed imports... Their excuse for doing this, along with cutting off sources of electricity water and sewage treatment, is the people's free and democratic decision to elect Hamas for their government. Since aid to these people is not allowed into the city (or concentration camp, whatever you wanna call it..) by road or by air, a group of all different types of people are planning to go to Gaza by sea.. on a boat with medical supplies across the Mediterranean! More inspiring and astounding this is only the resilience of Palestinian people themselves.

More from me soon inshaAllah!]

Why Aren't They Forgiving Us?

By Shai & Dror
Nov. 9, 2006
Translated by Adam Keller

We are sorry about the killing of women, children and all innocent civilians. The government of Israel really apologizes from the depth of its heart. We did not intend it. We never intend it. Also on the previous occasion that it happened we did not intend it. Also on the occasion before the previous occasion. And also the next time that we will do it, you can be sure that it will be done completely unintentionally. We will not intend it, and we will apologize. From the depth of our hearts.

The apologizing we do intentionally, completely intentionally.

So, we really apologize. We hope you will find in your heart the nobility to forgive us. Do you forgive us?

Why not? Really, why not? We really really apologize. We apologize for the killing of the children. And of the women. And for the dozens of wounded in the hospitals. And for those who will be left without arms or legs. And for the children left without parents and for the parents left without children. We apologize for all these things, from the depth of our hearts. Sorry, really sorry. What more do you want?

Do you forgive?

Oh, how difficult you are.

Sorry! Sorry! Well, we will not go on apologizing forever. Just forgive us, and that`s it. Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry.

Is this enough? Can we continue on our way?

Still not forgiving?

Well, you know what? So, you don`t want to forgive us - okay, we don`t really need it. We have done our part. We did the killing, we did the apology. Now the ball is in your court. You are stubborn. You don`t know how to forgive. You have no compassion, somebody makes a mistake and you just pounce and take advantage of it. And to publish these photos all over the world, to let everybody see out mistake? Is this nice, to shame us like this? And we did apologize, we did apologize. We were O.K.

Know what? Our conscience is clear. We have apologized. As far as we are concerned, the case is closed. Do you want to go on being stuck on the same point? That`s your problem. We are moving on.

The next artillery shell is already on its way, followed by the next apology. And then one more shell and one more apology. That`s the way we are. Moral and considerate, killing and apologizing. Thanks, sorry for the killing and see you next time.


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