Monday, July 28, 2008

Barbarically Civilized??

I'm not big on music..I know the songs, but I have no idea who the "artists" are and don't care. I put that in quotes for a reason. I usually tune it out because I have ADD and can't listen to stuff for that long but once in a while the lyrics, good and bad, catch my eye..or is it ear?? I am soooo disgusted with the lyrics. What have humans reduced themselves to?? {BTW, the following is me generally speaking. I know not everyone is like this, you can't define and characterize a specific group because everyone is different. I speak of the mass as a whole and how they seem to represent themselves and come off to others as.}

One song was about having sex a club and "I don't care who's watching..." wth??
That's the most recent example but I remember being disgusted by many. But like I said, I don't know artists and song names so I can't recall any more. But I'm sure you can think of quite a few yourself.
Oh and where did the clothes go in the movies and music videos? Somebody forgot something somewhere...

I know I sound very "motherly" but who cares.

I know that sex, drugs, violence and prostitution/porn have always been around. Since forever. It isn't new. Arright, fine. What's appalling is that it's now being accepted {publicly}. It sickens me that people are now seeing this as the norm.

People used to do all this in private, maybe because there was a sense of shame then? Because they knew it wasn't right. There was that fear and embarrassment that goes with being caught. But now people proudly openly admit to doing things. {I remember in high school this kid in my who proudly announced to the the class that he masturbated in his church parking lot..yuck}. These days many openly talk about doing stuff with girl/guy-of-the-week and don't spare anyone details {the girl who sat behind me in English, anyone?} Sing about it like it's normal, do everything on film for money. It's not "art". It's disgusting.

I feel like dogs are more concerned about privacy than some people today. Maybe we have lost our sense of shame. We're getting desensitized to un-civilization, if that's a word. Yeah we are developing more and more in technology and education and other things, but what about as humans? We are regressing as humans. We have been given the sense of right and wrong. We have the ability to feel shame, guilt and other emotions as well as to make decisions and to think. That's what separates us from the animals. But I feel like we're getting down to the animal level in some aspects.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I can rant forever but will stop here.

Your thoughts..?


Constructive Attitude said...

I completely agree with you but I was thinking how I've seen/heard all of this stuff before, and now I even think its normal for people to openly talk about these types of things.

Dont get me wrong though, I still get disgusted and cringe when I hear such inappropriate things. However I think that as a society we have all lost our sense of shame. Why? I think it has to do with expressing yourself? or something along those lines. who just rambling now.

Mrs. Cullen said...

I agree but I think whats worse now is that this music and media is getting to the younger generation; as in my 10 year old cousins. And I can't stand it! One of my cousins is always singing these inappropriate songs and listening to 955! And if I look back to when I was 10..I didn't even know half these bad words or what most of these words even meant. In fifth grade we were just poor innocent girls but its so different now. And I know we just can't change it all and make the world a better place but I think we can start small and with ourselves and those around us. Younger kids just look at their elders and their actions. Especially if the elders are "cool" teenagers; then they just copy everything you do. I think if we just watch what we listen to and the way we act then at least the young ones around us will have good role models.

Anonymous said...

Amen sista! or should i say AMEEN :)

Artistic Logic said...

ok so back in 2nd grade, 2 kids- boy and a girl- were talking about such things....i didn't get it then but thinking back at how young they were and how they talked of such things, it was so so so embarrassing...i mean they were 2nd graders yo!!
i used to listen to pop stations or whatever they are called, ones like 95.5 and there used to be 93.1, but i stopped that long ago and i remember distinctly a time when it wasn't so bad...during my hs years it got real bad, at first it was mostly rap songs and then it transitioned to the pop arena and it just saturated every part of media slowly and its so disgusting...thats when i stopped listening to it/watching....
even watching award shows like the oscars where actors, actresses come to be honored for their work during the year, its such a formal, elegant event...yet the entertainment is low class, the dances or performances that happen are repulsive...everything is suggestive of just one thing
honestly, my take on this is that its a should be controlled and the fact that billions of ppl around the world don't agree with that is whats hurting us now (our society) ... "sex sells" is their motto and people buy into it and adapt it into their lives.... they're losing their souls in the process... back to my "theory" though, the media is just occupying minds with 1. useless things or 2. frightening them so that people can always be occupied and in that way be controlled in thoughts and actions... if u think im saying its a type of hypnotic, then yea i am kinda suggesting that...sounds crazy but i donno maybe im just crazy to think about it that way...*sigh* u can see im rambling now and i haven't even said 1/4 of what i wanted to say...sorry for the jumbled thoughts man i could, too, go on forever and ever about this

Snake Charmer said...

Hmm I say live and let live, the only way to change a society is by being the change you want to see in said society. So if you make sure that you hold yourself to a high standard then other people around you will take notice and will cause them to THINK, and then hopefully, they will change and other people around them will stop and THINK and hopefully they will change..and so on and so forth. I think we all have to sit back and realize that everything that is happening right now and forevermore is all Allah's will and there is beauty in that.

whitefawn87 said...

i agree.