Friday, July 18, 2008

♥The Sweetheart♥

♥The Sweetheart♥, originally uploaded by Rabujee.

This was taken at a friends wedding last weekend. This girl was just so adorable. I stalked her all night long. She would not stay still, just gave me a mischievous smile and ran away each time. Finally, I got her =D.

Not many thoughts on this, kids are just the best. So carefree. And then they grow up and become these lost and infinitely confused souls, like you and me.

When I was that age, I just wanted to grow up already. I was sick of being the youngest and the tag-along to my sisters. And even though I'll never admit it, they claim that I copied EVERYTHING they did. I think they're delusional. =P.

I miss my childhood.


Constructive Attitude said...

I always wanted to grow up too, especially because i felt like i had no one, i was always the one in the middle. All of my siblings had cousins and family friends their age, and i had no one.. i was always the tag along. and i always felt like i had no where to fit in.

I dont know if i necessarily miss my childhood, i miss the memories and funny/fun moments with my family and how we never had anything to worry about.. the carefree-ness of being a the same time i dont knwo if im ready to be an adult either and start my own life..

Artistic Logic said...

^ see what i mean, we grow up and become infinitely confused...
you should've met me, then you would've had somebody ;)

Falling Up said...

All my cousins are way older than us and their kids are way younger than us. So my siblings and I were stuck in the middle, too.

I miss the care-free life. Kids don't know they have it so good.

......Love said...

I do believe I've found my new favorite Blogger. Oh how I long to be a part of something so profound.


Great site girls.

Constructive Attitude said...

Thank you SOOO much! Please spread the word, we would really appreciate it :)

Artistic Logic said...

thanks a lot Love... your words are encouraging and please stop by again =)

Anonymous said...

i do too. kind of.