Wednesday, July 2, 2008

...never to be seen again

On July 2, 1937 (exactly 71 years ago), aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean while attempting to make the first round-the-world flight at the equator. (

Could you imagine waking up one day, knowing that you were going to change history in some way. I think that's what Earhart must have felt on that fateful day in July.

She probably woke up and thought to herself, "Ok today's going to be a big day for me. It's going to be the day that I try to go around the world in one flight." She obviously wanted recognition of some sort. It's so sad that it was such a tragic ending and it didnt end the way that she intended it to---with her getting recognition for accomplishing the first round the world flight.

I wonder if she reached her goal and then disappeared, or did her disappearance happen before she could finish her round the world flight.
I wonder what happened--what caused her disappearance.
I wonder what her last thoughts were.
I wonder whether or not she regretted attempting this feat during her last moments.
I wonder what encouraged her to do it to begin with.

It's so fascinating and bizzare all at the same time, dont you think?


Mrs. Cullen said...

I wonder what happened!! I always think about stuff like this. I wonder if she landed somewhere or if she drowned or if she was killed by the smoke monster or something. AHHHH

Anonymous said...

I think the Bermuda Triangle got a hold of her.

Artistic Logic said...

darn i was gona say the same thing as ^ simply me

controlled chaos said...

"Oh crap i'm out of gas and there's a storm"
"Oh crap I'm going to die. I'm so sorry everyone, I hope they find me. I should have waited"
"But i'm grateful to my friends for supporting me"
-that's what i think she thought.

whitefawn87 said...