Friday, July 4, 2008

This Week In A Nutshell

I couldn't resist, I thought this picture taken in Thailand was hilarious :). Anyways on to more serious ..stuff.

The most senior Judge in Britain gave his blessings to use Sharia law to settle disputes amongst Muslims yesterday. Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips said that Islamic legal principles could be employed to deal with family and marital arguments and to regulate finance.

Britain's High Court has ruled that Pringles are not a potato snack, and thus are not subject to value-added tax. Friday's ruling by Justice Nicholas Warren is expected to save millions for the manufacturer, Procter & Gamble Co.

Following a ruling in South Dakota's Court Of Appeals for the 8th circuit, the 2005 abortion law will go into effect. The South Dakota law requires doctors to give patients who come for an abortion a written statement telling them that "the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being," and that they have "an existing relationship with that unborn human being" that is constitutionally protected. In addition, doctors are ordered to describe "all known medical risks of the procedure and statistically significant risk factors," including "depression and related psychological distress" and "increased risk of suicide ideation and suicide."

The federal government has declared a "fishery disaster" area along the U.S. West Coast this summer after the salmon population there went into what's being called an "unprecedented collapse." As a result, the commercial salmon industry, which normally captures 800,000 fish a year, has been shut down and salmon prices are going through the roof. The cause of the die-off is up for debate: the Bush administration blames warmer temperatures in the ocean where salmon spend most of their lives, but many scientists say man is to blame. Dams and irrigation canals kill millions of salmon as they migrate up and down rivers where they are born and where they return to spawn.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she's "proud'' of the U.S. decision to wage the Iraq war and insisted that the world is not more dangerous than it was when George W. Bush took office. "We're now beginning to see that perhaps it's not so popular to be a suicide bomber. We're beginning to see that perhaps people are questioning whether Osama Bin Laden ought to really be the face of Islam,'' Rice, 53, said in an interview to be broadcast this weekend on Bloomberg Television's Conversations with Judy Woodruff.

Hope you've been just a tad bit informed!



C.C. said... more salmon!! mannnnnn
and it's so cool that the judge in Britain decided on using Shariah law.
Thank you so much once again

Abdul said...

interesting... i was about to log onto or bbc but you saved me from that task (actually, i'll prolly still log into it)

whitefawn87 said...

whoa... i accidently used my dad's account... that comment by 'abdul' was actually me.

Mrs. Cullen said...

i don't like salmon

Mrs. Cullen said...

once u pop the fun don't stop

Artistic Logic said...

can you tell me where you got that pic from of the elephant painting. someone asked me for the source...thanks

Snake Charmer said...

I got the elephant from the Daily Telegraph: This Week In Pictures

Falling Up said...

1. The Sharia law in Britain is pretty cool.
2. I heard somewhere that the fishes are becoming extinct due the increased use in Cat food. Have you heard anything about that??
3. I really enjoyed this post :)

Snake Charmer said...

Thank you guys so much :). Falling up, it's said that fishes have begun to become extinct due to pollution, climate changes and overall effects of global warming along with overfishing. Now with the prospects of offshore drilling for oil, fish populations are speculated to decrease even further. But nowhere have I read anything about cat food O_o

Falling Up said...

lol. I'll have to find out wher I read that from. It said something like within the next 20 years a lot of fish will be out due to the cat food stuff, let alone the pollution, etc