Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Moment

I know that I should be writing about the news (which I will :P) but I had just had an important conversation that I wanted to share. I attended an Al Maghrib (an Islamic institution) class a year and a few months ago and had never really thought about it since then until last night when it was brought up by my brother and sister. The class was called Love Notes, and it was about marriage and the Islamic way of going about it. I had gone with my mother and I distinctly remember the intense feeling of wanting to get married when the seminar ended and of course the first thing I did was to call my brother and tell him how amazing this seminar was and how I wanted to get married and everything- he of course told me I was being impulsive :).

Which I was, but I took that in a totally different way then the way that he had meant it and kind of just put aside the idea of marriage. I started to think, you know what I am too young, I should focus on school, I have too many things I have to do with my life before I should even start thinking about marriage. I was of course totally disregarding the Sunnah (the example of Prophet Muhammad), where the Prophet says that (paraphrasing), get married young in order to protect yourselves and to start your lives. And being Muslim, that hadith (saying of the Prophet) should have been enough motivation for me to set an intention to Allah asking for Allah to allow me to get married as soon as possible so as to better follow the Sunnah of the Prophet.

But instead I chose to believe that this hadith didn't apply to me and that I was under different circumstances, but have we not been told again and again that the surest way to Heaven was through the Quran and the example set by the Prophet? I feel like I do this more often than not, but getting back to my story, so last night after we had gotten back from X Files (horrid movie by the way), we just got into it and I said that I wanted to accomplish a few things before I would reach a comfort level to be able to get married, i.e. financial independence. But my brother then said something that I didn't really think about, setting an intention doesn't mean that you won't accomplish everything you want to before marriage, and even if you didn't so what? Marriage means that you ARE dependent on the person you share your life with and that they are dependent on you. And Allah would never put you in a situation where you are miserable by following the Sunnah if you go to Allah with the right intentions.

SO in conclusion, I think that life really is allot simpler than I make it out to be if I just put life into perspective. I know that for me, I have to sit down and re-evaluate my life and the purpose of it here in this world. I mean why are we here? I can tell you one thing, the only thing guaranteed in this life is death and not one of us will be able to take their flashy new iphones to the next life (me included!)

-Peace and Blessings


Constructive Attitude said...

Hmm never thought of it that way. Thanks for sharing.

And also I always hear people say that there are no guarantees in life except death and i added marriage to the list too, well at least for muslim girls :P

Constructive Attitude said...

btw you're not restricted to only writing about the news.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post, not because it was about marriage but because it was YOUR thoughts. I'd love to see more of it :)

provoking invoking said...

man that hadith keeps on popping up (probably cause of all these young people getting married this year). good thoughts!
i also wanna remind that its all is always up to Allah if he wants us to marry soon or to wait. i also think we have to remember that we're living in different times, so following the early marriage sunnah has become a lot harder because we have (contrary to sunnah) made the marriage process long and difficult. iA Allah will give us the taufiq to follow the marriage sunnah as best we can and keep our intentions good!

Mrs. Cullen said...

i wanna get married

Falling Up said...

I agree with provoking invoking. It's all about when it's time for you. if it isn't the right time, then it isn't going to happen. These days everyone's turning the marriage process into a huge long ordeal and they all put it off until much later. It's really hard for some people {a lot, i shoudl day} to get married even though they want to.

Tanya said...

I'm not Muslim but your thoughts are so appropriate for everyone - and your brother seems pretty smart.