Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beauty after the storm

Beauty after the storm, originally uploaded by Rabujee.

Because you see, when you're me you tend to let yourself go in the heart of every passing storm and then all else is just a blur that adds mere depth to a simple truth. The realities are just an escort to stop you from losing yourself utterly, they just act as gravity. Nothing more, nothing else.

Because when all your eyes ever see is one star in an ocean of glitter then it's enough to set your soul alight.

Because when your whispers hang in the stillness of your surrounding night then you can be sure that zephyrs inscribe your secret minutes.

Because when you feel you can defy the fundamentals of time, the sunsets and sunrises are your solace and your only clock, then you know you'd never have it any other way.

And because of all this I choose to live, breathe and be this unfolding extravaganza I call a Storm, despite all the warnings...

Credit for the words goes to an anonymous author (because I haven't figured out who wrote them tehe)