Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mrs. Cullen: The Engineer

Dear Friends,

So. Summer has started for me and its so boring!!! I sit at home all day and waste time doing nothing. Sigh. I need to do so much and I just don’t..do..anything. I am SO LAZY! Someone help me. Anyway, yesterday I had quite an eventful day. In the morning my mother and grandparents left for New York. So, now its just my Dad, my brother and myself. My dad left for work and my brother left for school. So it was just me. I was gonna start my day watching stupid TV shows on my computer but my dad called me.

His car randomly started making a really loud sound. He had no idea how it happened. So, he called the dealership and complained because his car is fairly new. Anyway, I had to meet my dad up far far away so we could trade cars. Finally, I met him at a mosque that he sometimes prays his daytime prayers at. We traded cars and then I went to the dealership. They told me it would only be 1.5 hours. I sat there and sat there and watched my car…still there..no one had even looked at it yet! HOW ANNOYING. Finally, after 45 minutes they took the car. Then after another 45 minutes they called me back to the shop area because they wanted to show me something.

Anyway, it turns out that while my dad was at a patient’s house, someone tried to steal a part of his car. It’s at the bottom and its called cadillac converter. (I had no idea what that was until the guy told me about it.) They had completely sawed off the pipe it’s connected to. They literally sliced the pipe off. It was such a sharp, new cut. So yeah. The guy told me that the warranty won’t cover it but insurance ended up paying most of it and called it “vandalism.” Yay. Anyway. They didn’t have one of the parts and it wouldn’t come in till the next day so they told me I should rent a car or get picked up. I had no ride. No one could pick me up. Sigh. So, I had them drop me off to my grandparents’ house that’s just .5 miles away. There I waited for what felt like five million years (that’s another story for another day) until my dad picked me up and took me home. By then the day was gone, and I was sad and annoyed.

My dad tried to tell me not to be so upset because these things happen. And not to be annoyed because it was only a few hours. That’s so true. And he went on and on about how many times my mom has had to drive miles and miles away because of accidents that have happened. So yeah. I felt bad for being upset that my day was ruined. And I guess that’s stupid because I wouldn’t have done anything anyway.

That is all.

Yours for the sake of Peace and Sisterhood,
Mrs. Cullen


MarjnHomer said...

I have a million and one stories of being stranded for hours. I just use them to people watch.

Mrs. Cullen said...

I was people watching but mostly I think ppl were watching me.

Madame Lefty said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you.

Constructive Attitude said...

lol. why would ppl be watching you. and your dad is right. i mean after all that happened to him, he wasnt upset at all. u know?

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh geez!! I'm shocked about the car. I would have been upset too!

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

That's a shocking theft! Did they do it in bright daylight or was it at night?

Its nice you at least got to visit your grandparents. Soon they won't be around and you will appreciate all the time you spent with them.

Chuckle said...

what kind of ghetto person used a chainsaw? idiots i tell you, they never run out of idiotic ideas.

supreem said...

lol you should carry a book around with you at all times... for boring situations. It sucks that someone 'vandalized' the car :(

Artistic Logic said...

haha i think you meant catalytic converter =)