Friday, May 28, 2010

I like fish.

I've been on a fish kick lately. White fish. I'm not a fan of Salmon or those other meaty fish, except Tuna. But then again that was canned. I've never tried a Tuna steak or anything. This one in the photo below is called Swai. 

It's becoming popular because it's super cheap? We got ten filets for ten dollars at our local grocery store. And each filet is pretty big and is only 170 calories. I tried looking up recipes for this particular fish but I couldn't find any specific ones. It doesn't need much to give it flavor, though. My mom cooked this by sprinkling salt, pepper and parsley on the fish and then fried it in a tiny amount of butter. Yum.

Oh and I also recently started mixing my salads up with fruit: Strawberries, apples, pears, dried cranberries. Anything goes, really. It's a nice upgrade from my standard garden salad; especially because I don't use dressing. Try it??


Constructive Attitude said...

omgshhh that looks so good. and ive been obsessed with tilapia lately. mmmmm

Irendi said...

I've seen Swai at my local grocer too, but since I've never eaten it, I was leery...but that looks SO GOOD!!! During summer I eat quite a bit healthier, so tilapia is a frequent in my house. Thanks for the tidbit on salads though, I'm going to give it a try.

Naureen said...

I love fish so much!

Jaz said...

Tuna is what puts me off fish! It's so smelly. I only like white fish too, that swai looks like really nice - I've never heard of it before though!

Falling Up said...

CA: Tilapia how? I had some at red lobster but I couldn't finish it. Maybe I just didn't like it the way they made it. I'll try it again, but cook it myself. :)

Irenid: If you have any tilapia recipes, do let me know!!

Naureen: lol

Jaz: Tuna smells, but I still love it. I really like whitefish, and am glad I can enjoy it other ways other than fish sticks and the breaded filets at the store. :)

Anastasia said...

I love fish. And I really like sweet stuff in my salad,also it has to have texture, like nuts or something.

Artistic Logic said...

fish is so good if cooked with proper attention
but it can be a disaster otherwise

anyways this pic is so yummy and i've also started eating salads in the mornings and add anything even nuts
its so delish and refreshing =)

NeverEver said...

I was always kind of scared of fruit-filled salads.

Also I tend to eat tilapia because it is a really mild fish and also super cheap, lol.

I like fish with tahinah, golden onions, salt pepper and a little cilantro. Mmmmmm mmm good lol