Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picture Perfect

Remember that one post I wrote? Picture (im)Perfect.

Yea, well I found someone who takes them quite perfectly, unlike myself. He has a really sweet blog where he features Muslims across nation doing really cool and different things. They're all Muslims who are proud of their Islam and who show their Islam by pursuing what they love! It's a great way to show the perfect balance of one's lifestyle and spirituality.

I know him personally and rumor has it that he's about to post up some baller status features soon! Check it out!

Seeking Nearness (dot) com


Constructive Attitude said...

lol i thought you were going to write something else after "rumor has it..."

Mrs. Cullen said...

me too

Deeps!! said...

:) same here

EmptyWords said...

lolll another rumor has it... ;)

Artistic Logic said...

ahem ahem