Friday, May 7, 2010


I walked today for graduation.

I honestly considered not going but then decided against it.

I'm glad because I loved it.

Sometimes I just sit and reflect upon my life. What did I accomplish? What memories do I cherish most from these past years? Did I really grow as a person?

The reality is that as life moves on we're constantly changing and growing, learning from the culmination of these experiences.

So what did I learn these past four years of my undergrad?? Academically... not much. It's sad but hey that's just the harsh truth. I learned and gained the most from the people I met and interacted with.

One of the biggest lessons I learned in college was this... Every person has something amazing in them. Look for that amazing quality and stop focusing on the negative. Sure, people do crappy things. They may even say things that are plain unintellectual. Or they may do something that is out of line. But at the end of the day we are all human. We make mistakes, we learn from them, and we move on.

So that's one of my new goals... find what's amazing in every person I meet. It kind of reminds me of Pollyanna :)


Mrs. Cullen said...

you're a cutie, mashallah.

Tricia said...

Reminds me of graduation,I wished I had spent more time knowing some people than others, but we live, we learn.
Please say hi to Mrs.Cullen, Youthful Wisdom and Constructive Attitude

Melanie's Randomness said...

HAPPY GRADUATION!! Congrats! yeah I agree on the what I learned in college part. there are so many unique people in the world! Congrats again!

Rationality said...

Congratulations sweetie, I enjoyed reading lessons you got. Sometimes such lessons accommodate and improve our whole life even the educational side. Keep such wisdom thoughts up.
All the best

Constructive Attitude said...

who or what is polyanna?

and great reflection. im gonna try this. iA

Little Ms Blogger said...

You can also learn by not repeating mistakes crappy people make. They may not be your cup of tea how hard you try to find the positive, but you can learn by not being them.

Happy Graduation!

controlled chaos said...

wait....did i do something crappy?

Snake Charmer said...

Pollyanna was awesome and I love that goal- i'm adopting it as my own. Thank you youthful wisdom, for inspiring the bejeesus out of me :D

Kate said...

Congratulations...what a great milestone!

supreem said...

I don't know who pollyana is, but I made that same goal at some point in my life. Someone told me once (and no i can't remember who) that everyone has something to teach you, you just need to find the positive in them. So, I will take heed to your advice :). And congrats on taking the walk. ;)

Little T said...

Congrats to you! I am glad you walked and experienced the ceremony you deserved. I totally agree with you about school and you clearly need to school your girls on Pollyanna!