Monday, May 3, 2010

News Buzz

1 Detroit officer dead, 4 others wounded

One officer was killed, four were wounded in Detroit early this morning, following a phone call from a worried neighbor who said she heard gunshots near her home.

Officer Brian Huff, 44, was shot and killed while on duty. Two of the four wounded officers have been released.

Suspect Jason Gibson, 25, has been charged several times, including for attempting to disarm an officer in 2007.

Everett, who uses alias names, was arrested last November for carrying a concealed weapon and released on a $200,000 bond.

Police Chief Warren Evans says the suspect, who has not been charged, should already have been behind bars.

Commander Steve Dolunt, Deputy Commander of the Eastern District, told Fox 2 News the shooting was unexpected.

"From what I understand this is the first time in history the police department has had five police officers shot at the same time."

Dolunt said Huff was apart of the back-up unit. The veteran officer was "just making sure the rookies were okay," he said.

Oil Spills, 10-day fishing ban in Gulf of Mexico

BP has taken responsibility for the massive oil spill which led to a 10-day fishing ban on states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, from Louisianna to Florida.

The federal government is putting heat on the company to clean up the mess. There are nearly 210,000 gallons of crude oil pumping into the gulf, per day.

BP said they will try closing up the well causing the oil spurge, in 6-8 days.

Environmentalists are testing the water supplies to determine any health hazards.

Continental and United Airlines come together, Biggest merge in the world

United Airlines will be linking with Continental Airlines in a $3.2 billion deal, sealing their spot as the biggest airlines in the world, said

The new company will provide service to 144 million passengers per year to 370 destinations, reported

CNN reports the merge is larger than Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines merge in 2008.

Shares will be split 55 percent United Airlines- 45 percent to United Airlines, reported The New York Times.

Employee layoffs are expected.



Constructive Attitude said...

why were those five police officers shot. im confused.

D said...

Are those your articles or from those websites?
Are you really a journalist? That's kinda cool if you are.

sillybilly said...

Hmmm interesting articles...but what are your thoughts on them?

pilgrimchick said...

I don't know about the airline merge--sounds like trouble for those of us who want to fly.

somebody out there said...

CA: They were shot when responding to a call about a shootings heard from an abandoned house. They responded and were shot at. Brian Huff was a veteran officer so he went in first, followed by rookies, 4 of which were also shot but not killed.

Huff was shot several times.

D: These are summaries of the news and I added the links to where I got the info. Yes, I'm in school to become a journalist.


Well it's not proper to share thoughts but since this is a blog... It's unfortunate people have to get killed on the job but every job can be "dangerous." I'm glad people are standing up for the city and at the same time, as the Detroit cops have been saying, there are too many people compared to the number of cops on the ground.

Oil spill.. clean it up fast.

Airlines...bound to happen. Hope it doesn't dig too deep into our pockets. (PilgrimChick) I agree.


supreem said...

what are your thoughts on these news reports?
What happened to those 5 officers?