Thursday, September 17, 2009

Supercalifragilisticespi....something something

No one's posted in a while.

I've been waiting for a post by Snake Charmer to go up.

But it's just sitting there. Saved in drafts. I figured it's never going to go up and I want to post.

And to our followers, we have a surprise for you guys tomorrow. So make sure to come check our blog tomorrow.


You won't regret it. Or you might. But I don't think you will. And that's all that matters.

Anyways, I have a couple of things to say,

1. THIS is a GROUP blog. Not an individual blog owned by just Constructive Attitude(a.k.a CA). Even though it seems like that since she's the one the comments mostly on other people's blogs . (promise I comment from time to time). And my name is Controlled Chaos a.k.a CC. And ANY award that you got is from ALL of us, not just the person that wrote the post!!!

2. Yes, I agree the rest of us authors pretty much suck for not commenting more on your blog (But PROMISE I do it...) You can hate on them (or me) in my comments.

3. If you're kinda new to this blog and want to understand the authors on here, please click on this VERY supercalifragilisticespialladocious link. But be warned, something will jump out at you when you click it.

4. I'm getting annoyed with how we refer to ourselves or each other with our initials.
So I'm going to rename myself as -she-who-must-not-be-named-ever. And I'm going to rename CA (your favorite author) as -she-who-also-must-not-be-named-ever-except-maybe-as-CC's-secretary-/-vice-president

5. Before CA started her crazy job as a full time teacher, she would be like my secretary. She made sure I remembered people's birthdays, that I stayed on task, helped me with all my crazy projects I would start (like this blog) etc etc. She became /vice-president because she demanded I give her the title or she would quit her job.

6. Nothing is going to jump out at you from the link in number 3. Except maybe a reason to quit this blog.

7. Let's hope not.

8. I'm going to write a mini, more serious post below:

As you guys might have gathered, this is the Islamic month of Ramadan. Basically we also follow the Islamic calendar which is based on the lunar calendar. It is also made up of 12 months, but has 354 or 355 days. Ramadan is one of them.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn till dusk. Fasting means, no drinking, no eating, no smoking, and no other stuff. Your also supposed to stay away from evil thoughts and cursing.

Our holy book, the Quran, was revealed during this month.

And so we increase our worship during this month, during the nights and days. There are extra prayers, and people try improving themselves. Many of us refrain from time wasting activities that we normally do, like watching the television, because one is supposed to use that time for better things. And Ramadan is the best time to get into those better habits.

The hunger or thirst we feel during the day is supposed to teach us humbleness. So we know what it is like for a poor person to go hungry. Granted most of us can never truly understand, but it is still very insightful. We are also supposed to learn self-discipline and controlling our desires. Not being able to eat that cookie, even though no one else is watching. Not watching your favorite show, even though it's just 30 minutes from your entire day.

And more importantly it's simply to get closer to God, cleansing your sins, and enhancing yourself spiritually. A good deed holds a lot more weight.

And we break our fast at sunset (called Iftar), usually with a date or water. And have our dinner. There's also a tradition of eating a pre-dawn meal (called Suhoor), but once the time for the pre-dawn prayer (fajr) starts, your fasting must begin.

There are instances where you are exempted from fasting, like when one is sick, pregnant, nursing or traveling.

If you accidentally eat while fasting, you keep fasting.

If you break it on purpose then it's much more serious. To make up for that fast you broke on purpose you have to A. Fast for an extra 60 consecutive days or B. Feed and cloth 60 needy people.

105432. I have nothing more to say other than I did not mess up with the numbers. I just always wanted to use a ridiculously large number on a list.


controlled chaos said...

Yayy first comment !!!!!

Constructive Attitude said...

Before I was a teacher I was your secretary?

I'm not anymore?

Are you replacing me?

AL said...

you only comment on your own posts

Faith said...

So this blog was your project? Really!!
I’ve always thought CA is the boss ;b

I can’t wait for the surprise tom ;)

Simply Complicated said...

hello there.
<3 add me or follow me.
help me. i need help.
i'm new. please.
just help me.

Anonymous said...

Dear miss she-who-must-not-be-named-ever,

I would like to youknowwhat this blog.

Pls respond with a yes or a no.


controlled chaos said...

Simply Complicated
We can't even check our your blog or add you if you're not logged in.

at least include your site address.

Faith-It's kinda my project and kinda a group project....But I hate you for thinking CA is the boss...just kidding I don't hate you. CA can be boss.

Cheryl said...

"I would like to youknowwhat this blog."-simplyme...

what on earth.

you, my dear, are weird.

EmptyWords said...

hahaha at cheryl's comment... just LOL

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Ok,it worked, using Cheryl to get more followers... tsk tsk tsk...shame on all of you people!!!

Anonymous said...

that's really interesting, the rules of Ramadan. seems to me everyone could do with a little more of that self discipline (although the fasting would be tough. do you really make it all day without food? can you still drink water?)

and i'm still going to call you CC. the other title is way too long.

Heckety said...

What I said for tomorrow's post still counts for today's, especially all those very informative comments which preceeded my sensible one.
The info on Ramadhan is very useful because I only knew some of it and I like to know how not to offend friends, even if I frequently do.

Heckety said...

And by the way, teaching isn't crazy, its a vocation. And its called a vocation because when you're not teaching you're on vacation.

ladytruth said...

I've always thought of a group blog as an interesting idea, like having multiple personalities ;)

Thanks for explaining all the intricate details on the month of Ramadan. I know some Muslims and find the culture and religion fascinating. It really takes dedication though and I admire it greatly.

fuelMybrain said...

Thanks for explaining! So did I tell you guys that you inspired me to take the asian humanities class I'm taking this semester? We studied the story of Rama and his wife Sita who I was so intrigued with. So I don't know how much more we'll learn I'm so swamped I'm already confused by it all. Is this month of Ramadan tied to the story I read? Sorry for being so dumb and a boring cultureless caucasian, lol.

Kate said...

Thanks for this lesson! Are there things that people who don't celebrate Ramadan do to support those who do? I imagine it must be very difficult! I am Catholic and on the first day of Lent, we fast. It's difficult to go one day, I can't imagine doing it for a month!

1900CL. said...

That's facinating about snake charmers.