Thursday, September 3, 2009

Double you tee eff!

There's FML, MLIA, and BML.

But I WONDER if there is a WTF.

I dont think so.

I hope I created this idea, and everyone thinks I'm like a genius and I can totally copyright it and I'd be so freaking cool or something and famous and then I can be on some morning talk show.

(If there IS a WTF website, well whatever! It's not as big as FML is it? SIGH)

So here are my WTFs:

(By the way, it stands for What the freak or What the frick or What the freaking {hell} or What the fudge or What the funk but NOT What the ::beep:: K?)

1. I asked my sister to bring me some food and she brought me some salad. WTF

2. I got excited to find a parking spot that I didnt realize that I hit the curb. WTF

3. The McDonald's employee gave me only three ketchup packets for two large fries. WTF

4. I went to a fancy hotel and was served burnt eggplant risotto. WTF

5. WTF is risotto anyways?

6. Blogger keeps deleting my list of blogs I follow. WTF

7. My old phone used to dial numbers randomly. . WTF

8. My new phone doesnt have some of my old numbers. WTF

9. I quit a job that I was at for three years and no one cared/cares. WTF

10. Every year at the end of the summer, last week of summer vaction, I have uncontrollable sneezing fits. And itchy throat. And red, burning eyes. WTF

11. A coworker of mine keeps saying that Arab and Indian are the SAME thing. And that I'm both. WTFFF

12. That's all I got. I thought I would have more wittier ones. WTF.

Care to share some of your own?


linlah said...

#2 - or forget to put the car in park. UGH

Faith said...


Here are few of mine
Every time I start cleaning my room I go online “supposedly for 5 min” and end up spending hours and I can’t walk without hitting something in my room any more. WTF
I live in the only country in the entire world where women can’t drive and I get stuck with a new driver every few days. WTF
I always start a new book before finishing the one I’m reading and now I have like 9 books half way read. WTF

Soda and Candy said...

Hahaha, were you like "Salad??? WTF???"

(I pronounce it whutuff)

Kim said...

Those are great! Well, they're funny at least. Three ketchup packets isn't even enough for one large fry.

kirstyb said...

lol the car park one made me giggle sounds like something i would do. I also forgot to out my car in park and it rolled into a bush xxxx

ModestJustice said...

There's a similar one called (gives me hope)
But the only funny ones are FML and MLIA

Now one for your little WTF
"Today at school, my friend and I -both hijabis- were asked if we were egyptian and if so did we do 'the dance' you know, the one where they walk sideways. WTF!" And my wtf stands for what the #$@%

Anonymous said...

buahaha! hilarious!
can u explain me how the "blogging with other bloggers" works? I am really intrigued...

Cheryl said...

Risotto is gross. Whoever came up with that shouldn't be allowed to make food.

Cheryl said...


Anonymous said...

9) they care because you are on SPOTLIGHT at the call center website, PICTURE AND ALL!!! ohhhyeaaahhhhhh.

11) please guide them to a map and give them a lesson in SOCIAL STUDIESSSSSS

Viva La Fashion said...

hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. but isaac's first collection was sold at bergdorf goodman in ny although it recieved mixed reviews. he never really made it as a household name until target. but you make a valid point. :)

Anonymous said...

ooooh, good idea!

My neighborhood has sprinklers running when it's raining out. WTF?

and that's all i got.