Monday, September 28, 2009

Will you Friendship me?

My phone started ringing while I'm in the library. It's not anyone I know but I pick up anyways. Do you guys pick up numbers you don't know? I do. I like to tell the person on the other end that they have the wrong number and get it over with instead of that person calling repeatedly. That does not work in India, my friends. It just doesn't work. This is an example of what may happen if you do pick up:

Me: Hello?
Him: Halo?
Me: Hello?
Him: Halo?
Me: Yes, I can hear you. What?
Him: Halo?
Me: What?
Him: Halo? *insert some words in Telugu here*
I hang up.

He calls back but this time I don't answer because I can't stand conversations like that. It'll be the same thing over and over again. And I mean, the American accent and me hanging up should give the guy enough of a clue that it's the wrong number. Then the text messages start.

9:26 am: Hi r u sandya.
9:28 am: Hi r u sandya.
9:43 am: Hi r u sandya.
10:44 am: Hi r u sandya.
12:45 am: Hi r u sandya.
2:57 pm: Hi r u sandya.
2:59 pm: Hi r u sandya.
3:03 pm: Hi r u sandya.
3:14 pm: Hi r u sandya.
3:14 pm: *insert Telugu joke here. I don't speak Telugu.*
9:54 pm:
.( 'o')

let me pray


Dear GOD, plz let my crazy Friend have Nice Dream...! Good Night.

Can you guys make out the bunny thing praying? Yes, I got sent this. El oh el.


He calls again the following afternoon. I picked up but didn't say anything. He stayed on the phone for 47 seconds saying, "Halo? Halo?" He mumbles something in Telugu and hangs up. I get a text a few seconds later.

Him: Hi. Can I know who is this.
Me: I am not sandya. {I didn't want to reply but felt bad. What if it was an emergency and he HAD to contact this chick??}
Him: But why r u not talk with me
plz give me answer
Him: 2 lovers in a park. Girl:Dear! Nxt week is my Birthday/Boy: Advnce wishes & ask what do you want/ Girl: A ring./Boy: From landphone or cellphone?/G N8 {good night}
Him: Hi can i know who is this. Tell me ur name plz plz.
Him: 10:50 pm: Hey can i call u now.

Ok so he wanted to talk to Sandya. But he knew it wasn't her later but still tried talking me. Apparently that is what the male species does here. They get a little...excited(?) and try their luck with the stranger on the other end. The question is, do people actually reply to them??

So he kept calling early morning late night etc. I had someone take care of it for me. All you have to do is hand the phone to a guy and they run away. Problem solved.


Quest said...

but your title for the post just did it for me!! :-) though i write with something in mind too, check out my latest post and tell me what your coolness thinks :-)


Constructive Attitude said...

I dont think handing the phone to a guy works. I've handed the phone to a girl once or i let HER handle the situation/help me. And she did a much better job than any guy could have.

Trust me.

Sometimes i tell her shes a guy though. jay kay.

Artistic Logic said...


i have a feeling i know who fixed it

Mark said...

There is always a solution! ha.

Faith said...


I’m laughing because I thought Saudi was the only country that has exactly what you described. EXACTLY LOL

Loredana said...

haaaaaaaaaaaa...I think I'd of humored him a bit had I spoken Talugu. Then I'd of blocked his #

erin said...

It's a little bit creepy though, eh?
Maybe he's a stalker and he's just messing with you!

Wow, I've seen way to many crime dramas.

Heckety said...

When this has happened to us we answer in Kiswahili and pretend to know no English, and that's really funny!
But maybe not very kind.
But they don't understand 'kind' if they harass like this.
But it only works with an obscure language, like Kiswahili or Gaelige.

MarjnHomer said...

there is an incident where this happened in bd a while back and the end result was the girl did not any more contact with the guy,and he's like well ifyou dont wanna marry me, no one can marry you. and he stabs her. too creepy. life is.

foxy said...

That is TOO MUCH. What a fa-reak show!

fuelMybrain said...

Some moron posted their new phone number on their myspace for all their "friends" to see and call her.... she posted my number in error! It was fun for a minute when we realized cuz then we messed w/people. Then it got old, then I got irritated...

eye_spy said...

haha.. this is funny.

Falling Up said...

what can I say? It jsut be my sexy voice. kidding. My voice is actually really girly. Think gabriella from high school musical. ughhh.

Everyday Muslimah said...

hahaha...yea, I've heard about these scenarios. Some people are pretty pathetic in their attempt to talk to strangers. But hey, you got a funny story for your blog. ;) So, it worked out for you.

Ma Salama!