Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ok. Don't Panic.

I have been successfully salvaging the last scraps of my summer "break" (which is officially over, but I've somehow managed to ignore that fact) by doing some good ol' reading. I used to be an avid reader...when I say used to ... I mean back in 5th grade. So yea its been a while. That's why what I'm managing to do these days is record-breaking, astounding, fantastical news for me. My coworker, last week, very kindly lent me all her Shopaholic series books (by Sophie Kinsella). There are 5 (as far as I know) and I just finished the 4th one. (I know, I know for some of you book worms, this may be pretty light, slow reading).

So, here are some things I've been thinking while reading:

1. "Blimey" is a word.

2. "Blimey" is, in fact, a very fun word.

3. I will start calling everything "blimey" from now on.

4. The British drink alcohol at pretty odd hours of the day.

5. In the case there isn't any alcohol available, they drink tea.

6. For certain very special occasions (or no reason at all), they drink concoctions of alcohol and tea...together.

7. "Quid" isn't just some weird lingo that reminds me of some nerdy game from Harry Potter (surprise surprise, I'm not a fan *hiding from angry Harry Potter-ish mob...led by CC*).

8. "Quid" is in fact a word, and in my mind likens to "buck" in real English...which is of course... American English. Example: "That was the easiest 50 bucks (quids) I've ever made."

9. Mostly everyone in England is royalty, related to royalty, or just plain very rich.

10. Luke Brandon is the first gazillionaire who keeps a "budget."

11. Wouldn't it be fun to marry a gazillionaire?

12. There's only one correct answer to that. Yes.

13. I want to go on a world tour for my honeymoon.

14. Sigh, books and movies depress me because everyone ends up getting exactly that job they wanted. For instance, if in a book, you were an aspiring fashion designer, eventually you would be found and become an overnight hit.

15. If that were true in real life, someone should have found me on this blog right now and hired me as a photographer.

16. Or an architect. Or an interior designer. Or a pastry chef.

17. Ok the pastry chef was an exaggeration, I'm not that gifted with decorating cakes and such.

18. In the end, the lesson is, it pays to be well connected.


*I hope I didn't offend any British people in my list. Of course, I was being silly.

** Since this post was first written, I've completed the fifth book of the series and am hoping there will be more. But there probably won't be because I'm always too late getting into the pop culture scene and by then everyone's moved on.

***If you've read the books you'll understand the title of this post.


Constructive Attitude said...

Um HI! i recommended her books to you first.

Now you have to watch the movie. CC and I thought it was super cute.

And I love Luke Brandon.

And also you have to read her other books now.


p.s. I TOTALLY get the title

p.s.s. they say wanker and bloody a lot too. I love using those words. even though they are equivalent to swear words.

Artistic Logic said...

um hi.

i know u recommended them.

also i watched the movie before i read the book haha

Falling Up said...

I read undomestic goddess by here, too. :0

And I watched the movie on the plane To the US. Fun stuff. But I wouldn't watch it again. ever. idk why.

Quid is a measurement right? like Quid equals something. Like a dozen = 12.

here: says a quid is:
–noun, plural quid. British Informal. one pound sterling.

Whatever the hell one pound sterling amounts to.

Artistic Logic said...

haha =)

David Kames said...

You don't have to say "quids" just "a quid" or "50 quid"

You don't call something "Blimey" you just say it like you'd say "oh f**k!" if you hit your foot...

4. The British drink alcohol at pretty odd hours of the day.
Well what's wrong with a little "livener" at 8am? :-p

Faith said...

I got one of those it’s on my read list for late 2010 ;D
The movie was fun to watch though,, and I didn’t get depressed over the perfect ending because plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how would you feel if she lost her job , got dumbed, went to prison and paid for all her mistakes!!

Emil Kirstein said...

As an ESL/EFL teacher teaching both AmE and BrE I was quite amused at your enlightenment of BrE. Wait till you pick up the terminologies in the rest of the English-speaking world. Mind-boggling:)

Soda and Candy said...

You are so cute! I like Can You Keep a Secret, it's by her as well and I think much better than the Shopaholic ones.

Also, tea and alcohol together? Like in the same cup? Pretty sure they don't commit such sacrilege on their beloved tea.

eshda3wa said...

i think im the only person left in the world that didnt read shopaholic

provoking invoking said...

i thought the movie sucked so i wont read the books. ( i dont really read but if i did its not girly stuff).

and as someone very familiar with british "lingo" you embarrass me, sigh.

i like callin people geezers.

Anonymous said...

Lol. read THE NAMESAKE next. And esh - I still haven't read shopaholic...or many other books so you're not alone.

And the English are heavy drinkers. Did you read the BBC article on my facebook? It's about trying to ban marketing that promotes drinking.

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Never realised the book was such a huuuge hit! Aaaand I stopped watching the movie after 15 mins as the dld broke :-( The English/Brit bits of this post are hilarious, esp the drinking bit although I can't say I've ever heard of the tea+alcohol combo! Eeek. No.9 though just made me feel like a tramp, a royal tramp, nonetheless :-P

Kelly said...

I was just telling my friend how I am going to start using the word row instead of fight. I am going to transtion a word a week until I sound just like Gweyn and Madonna. lol!

Artistic Logic said...

lol didn't realize this post would be that entertaining... im glad everyone enjoyed it =)
and i promise i read about them mixing brandy or something in tea....
maybe i read wrong =)

Heckety said...

This was FUNNY...why hasn't someone discovered you and given you a comedy slot smewhere, maybe reviewing books?

EmptyWords said...

I havent read shopaholic either... I dont really think I want to. You are funny... I wanna meet you

fuelMybrain said...

I think it was CA who suggested Twenties Girl and so I read it. And since I must look like I need to read more because people just drop books by the boxes off to me I might crack open the Shopaholic books my BF gave me.

I got a kick out of "quid" too, funny.