Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ouch Ouch...Haaaaaa!!!!

I was bored today. But then I went to Imnotbenny's blog. And I'm happy again. I discovered that he yells like a girl.

My hand is wrapped in medical gauze.
Cuz it freakin hurts. (like somebody else's hand)Especially when I'm typing. Like right now. I couldn't even hold the toothbrush this morning.
And I discovered that I yell like a guy.

I feel like I have arthritis and osteoporosis. I hate milk. Ok no astaghfirullah (sorry God)I don't hate it. I um. dislike it. So I don't drink it.
But I've been having multiple problems lately so I scared myself into eating a bowl of cereal yesterday. Cereal, I like.

Then last night even -she-who-also-must-not-be-named-ever-except-maybe-as-CC's-secretary-/-vice-president (CA) said that I probably have osteoporosis. I mean, never mind the fact that you get it when you get older. That was so uncalled for.
Then she said I need to stop complaining and apparently I complain too much and need to express more gratefulness. She sounded like my mom.

Only my mom would end with this sentence, "God loves those who are grateful to him", which is kinda funny because she can bring everything back to that sentence, not that God doesn't like those that complain like me. But he probably appreciates it more when we do thank him.
So anyway CA made me say alhamdulillah (praise to God) that I at least have a hand...that I can complain about.

Ok. So maybe I should tone down my complaining. But seriously I have all these problems.

And I have this fear. Probably an irrational fear. That there is something wrong with my body causing all my daily problems. And it's some rare disorder. And no one's going to find it until it's too late. At which point I will yet out, "I TOLD YOU SO!"
Only I never did tell anyone out loud. Just in my head.

I wrapped my hand myself. And when I look at it, I get all happy. Why? Because I feel like one those cool fighters that have their hands wrapped in white tape, and can punch really hard.
Like I keep picturing myself punching through some glass, in slow motion, with glass shattering all cool like.
Did I mention it gets me happy?

Anyways, I have a more important topic to write about. But I'm not ready with all the information yet, so wait for it.
It'll come soon.
insh'Allah (God willing)



Artistic Logic said...

haha cuteee

who else's hand is hurting?

.:*aMbAr*:. said...


oh and I hope you get better :)

Falling Up said...

you're weird.

Anyways, I have bone problems, too. I did a bone scan but I'm normal in terms of bone density. hmmm.


Mark said...

We create so much of our own drama and pain.

Constructive Attitude said...


dont worry.

I'm going to start commenting/going to other blogs.

Anonymous said...

I was forming a comment in my mind and then I saw you wrote that you scream like a guy and I lost it in laughter.

That was awesome.

So I saw this movie once where this guy was all "I don't feel well" and his buddies are all "huh?" and then he started shaking and this alien thing popped out of his chest and he was all "ouch!" or whatever, and his buddies threw up.

That's probably not what's wrong with you, though.

Want me to send you the Rocky theme mp3? I totally have that, you know.

Rocky theme song: good for punching.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

*composes self*
*more giggles*
*side ache*

Sorry your hand is hurting but you gave me a good giggle...thanks I really needed it!

I hate, I mean I dislike milk too!Please remember that it's a woman's prerogative to complain.

Hope you're feeling better!


EmptyWords said...

Please. Drink. Milk.

provoking invoking said...

try those calcium tablets.. also its better to drink organic non-homogenized milk. have you ever gotten your thyroid checked? an imbalance might be causing the problems.. but could be other hormone imbalances possibly. if it persists, get checked out! you might also be developing carpal tunnels which happens from typing all the time.. hm.


probably nothing to worry about :D