Saturday, August 20, 2011

The story of The End of an Era..... and the Beginning of a New One

A long, long time ago, in approximately 1984, my parents migrated from Bangladesh to the United States of America. Just as any parents(or humans, rather) that migrated prior, during, and after that time period, emigrated to the United States of America: for a better life.

So upon entering the land of the free, my parents moved into a house that was owned by my maternal grandfather and grandmother. They resided their with the latter, my two uncles, and my mom's sister and husband and kids, and then us. There were many a people living in that house. It was literally bursting at its seams. Four bedrooms, and each bedroom was occupied by each family. My family was in the master bedroom cause we had the largest family at the time. It was my mom, my dad, my older sister, older brother, and me.

Eventually as time went on, so too did our family members. Until it was at the point that the only people still living in that house was us. My immediate family. And by then, we had grown to an additional family member. And then another. And another. No one in the extended family wanted to stay in that area, they wanted to get out of the "ghettos", which is kinda ironic cause they left one ghetto to live in another.

Aside from that though, we were the only ones left. And my dad had already enrolled us in a school that he really liked so he bought the property from my grandfather and we stayed.

For 27 years.

This past April, we finally moved out of that house, and into a new house away from the depreciated urban city .

For the past five months, since we purchased, signed, sealed, dotted the I's and crossed the T's, I hadn't given much thought to the upcoming change that was looming. After all, there was much work to be done to the new house. Much, much work. It almost seemed like we would never move in. Or by the time we did move in, I would be married off and in a house of my own.

It's funny how one's words could become so true.

So here I am, writing this post while sitting in the new house, and not really wanting to write it.

And also while sitting in the new house, talking to my brother about my new apartment.

I'm moving out of the current new house and moving on to my new life.

With a new person.

The person that I hope and pray that I'll be spending the rest of my life with. InshaAllah, God willing.

And so here I am.

Here we are.

And this is the end.

But also, the beginning. InshaAllah.

P.S. I am very dramatic, I know.


Youthful Wisdom said...

May it be an amazing new chapter in your life :)

Heckety said...

Wow! That's kinda big changes! Moving to a new place is challenging enough, but that and starting new with someone is huge! Here's wishing yous a long and contented life together, and hoping you settle in quickly!

controlled chaos said...


this post me realized how dramatic this whole thing really is.

Constructive Attitude said...

YW: Ameen!

Heckety: Thank you :)

CC: Wow. did YOU, the great Controlled Chaos, actually comment on one of my posts? I think I just saw a pig fly.
To what do I owe this great honor.
::rolls eyes::

PI said...

this made me cry

i am probably PMSing :D


Sulthana said...

Congratulations CA! May your marriage be full of Allah's blessing.

Mutmainnah said...

this made me sad. elohel. sigh. youre sleeping right now. sigh