Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So like I had a dream....

You know when you're dreaming, and you feel like it's so real? And you just want soooooo badly for it to be real? And you don't want to wake up from it?

You know?

I had one of those dreams today.

I dreamt I quit my job.

True story..err...true dream...I mean.

My assistant principal was being shady and I was being avoidant, and they caught me being avoidant, and I was to be "dealt" with later. And I was just so done with the pettiness of the school, so done with the unprofessional way of being treated, and truly fed up with the rude way I was constantly spoken to.

So I quit.

And I didn't even give a two weeks notice.

And I found another job. And I was happier at the other job.


It was one of my best dreams thus far in life.

And I so wished it was true.

And everything that happened in it, is what I realllyyyyyyyyyy want to happen.

And here we are in the month of August, the most loathed month of the year by teachers. (Cause you know, school is like coming up...duh!) And everything's quickly approaching and time is ticking by so fast, and it's like I don't have any time to do anything. (But to be quite honest, I do. Alhamdulilah....It's just a feeling of an impending doom though)

Anyways, all I know is that I wish some dreams were real.

The end.


Margie said...

A good dream for you!
Those kind of dreams we wish were real!

Margie :)

Misha said...

Oh I used to have those a lot, and sometimes they would continue the next night like another episode, no joke!! :)

Falling Up said...

Aww well I hope your dream comes true one day, inshaAllah. :)