Thursday, August 18, 2011

I don't like bacon anymore.

Muslims, like Jewish people, aren't allowed to eat pig or pig products in any form.

I happened to be obsessed with it. When I accidentally ate baked beans with bacon bits in it, I attributed the good taste to the bacon bits. Some Muslims are shaking their head at me, thinking I shouldn't be so obsessed. God said don't eat pig, He didn't say I had to abhor it. I've never intentionally tried pig/pig products. Ever. I don't even eat meat that isn't Zabiha or kosher {Muslims can eat meat from Jews and Christians}.

I'm just a curious cat.

Anyways, my obsession ended the other day.

We have a KFC here that serves Zabiha meat. Zabiha = meat that is prepared in the Islamic way. Like Kosher for Jews. I'm not sure what Christians call their method, but I will look into this. Basically I can eat all the sandwiches and fried chick'n I want. It's finger licking good. And it feels finger licking good, too.

One of us ordered the Doublicious. We didn't know bacon was involved. I don't know how we did not know, but we obviously didn't look at the picture or read the description. Short story shorter, it stank & KFC is responsible for killing my curiosity. And it looked gross, too. Maybe because it was fast food. Maybe it tastes better than it's appearance. This was an important milestone in my life. And I was met with disappointment. I guess it's a good thing, from a religious perspective.

We returned the sandwich, telling them we didn't know about the bacon strips and they kindly replaced it with a new one, which smelled completely different. And it was yummy.

The house near the school I went to swimming classes for as a child had a dog. 
And a pet pig. And we weren't even in the boonies. 
I hope they didn't eat it. Eating your pets is a no-no.


Constructive Attitude said...

I'm confused, whats the difference between halal and zabiha?

Falling Up said...

from my understanding, Zabiha is meat prepared the Islamic way. And halal meat is from people of the book, Christians & jews & Muslims, prepared their own ways. Like Kosher is halal but not Zabiha. And Zabiha and halal and..zabiha?

Falling Up said...

correct me if Im wrong, someone.

Youthful Wisdom said...

I loled at this post.

Falling Up is correct :) Halal meat is not haram (impermissible) meat/food. For instance, pork is not halal. Neither is meat from lions, bears, cats, dog...etc. However chicken and veal is halal (for example). And if that halal meat is prepared the Islamic way it is now considered zabiha meat. Make sense?

Constructive Attitude said...


muchos gracias.

PI said...

but its more complicated than that in real life.. the Qur'an has made haram meat of the animals that died from a blow to the head or were deadon arrival before slaughter.. meat in america is NOT the people of the books- there is no clarity on the religion of the butcherers (or rather the machine destroying the animals). Therefore the meat is NOT halal. often the animal is abused, (all animals are abused in industrial farming practices, and further abused in the factories they are killed in), and many die from a blow to the head (specifically mentioned in quran).. therefore be careful about calling the meat 'halal' because we are surrounded by christians.. more importantly (imo) it is HARAM to abuse animals in Islam, and those animals are undoubtedly ABUSED, which makes their consumption haram (and haram to support those practices by buying the meat!) therefore, I strongly believe Muslims should eat only proper ZABIHA and CERTIFIED kosher meat.

Allah knows best ..

and watch Food INC!!