Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Depressed.

People do not have food or water. They are dying because they do not have food or water. And here we are, complaining that we can't breathe because we are so stuffed after shoveling spoonfuls of food down our throats after breaking our fast at dusk.

People have NOTHING to eat. NOTHING. How many times do we open the fridge with food hanging off the shelves, complaining that there is nothing to eat. How many times do we complain throughout the day that we are starving and we can't wait to break our fast? Some people don't have food to break their fast with.

How many times are we asked to donate and decline politely, saying we are on a tight budget and can't afford to, maybe some other time. You go home that night, trying very hard to figure out where you're going to put all the clothes and makeup you bought that day.

People are dying.

I'm not saying donate your whole paycheck anywhere. I'm just saying we can do what we can to try to help them. And if we think we can't, maybe we can give up one luxury for one day day {ex. a coffee/pop} and donate that each month. Every little bit helps. Imagine if everyone gave a a little every month to people less fortunate. It really adds up and hopefully would make a difference.

Remember to keep the starving people of Africa and the rest of the world {including your neighbors, you never know} in your prayers.


Constructive Attitude said...


CC said...

Yeah it's crazy what's going on with the famine. I watched a couple vids on it on youtube and the comments were just disgusting and sad.


idk what to do. Why does the world always seem in peril more and more?

supreem said...

heart breaking.

Amalia said...

Good reminder. It makes me sad too:-(

Chefs Wife said...

Donating to charity is always worth while, but with so many people/agencies/animals/environment in need, its difficult to choose where to send your money. Its the one thing I seem to struggle with the most. So a few years ago I made a decision that my contribution to human kind is my time and effort I give to the children and youth I work with, and the house, food, and other things i give out freely. My money goes towards environmental causes, because if we don't save the planet first, there won't be any humans to help. Anyone have fave places they donate?

Constructive Attitude said...


I like that!

Anonymous said...

Very well said. I also have to agree with Chef's Wife. I have such a hard time choosing which country, which organization, etc. to donate to. I really like Islamic Relief.