Monday, August 8, 2011

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms

I made these recently for a party and I got a few requests to make them again as well as requests for the recipe, so I thought it blog worthy and have decided to share the recipe with you today.

When I think of stuffed anything I think a lot of work. I don't know why. I've made polenta stuffed peppers before and spinach and mushroom stuffed chicken, both which have turned out DELICIOUS. But I tend to shy away for recipes with the word "stuffed" it its title. I'm glad I made these. Make these and you will, too. :)

I really shouldn't blog about food while I'm fasting but I thought I'd post this before I forgot. And I haven't posted in months so it's about time.

These are quick and simple. Recipe at the bottom.

1. Clean the mushrooms with a damp paper towel or cloth. Remove stems. I prefer you NOT throw them away and there are recipes that reuse the stems but this one doesn't/ Make a fritatta or omlette or quiche with the stems.

2. We will be grilling the mushrooms and they can get very dry if you do, so take a brush an coat each mushroom with olive oil or if you need to make a million like I did, put the mushrooms in a plastic bag and throw in oil. Toss it aside and make sure they all get coated with oil. They'll look dry, but they soak up a LOT of the oil. A light coat is enough.

3. Mix equal amounts of cream cheese and parmesan cheese. For about 80 mushrooms I used 3 cups of each. Flavored cream cheese is better. I used fresh chives. Add salt, pepper and garlic/garlic powder to taste.

4. Spoon the mixture into the mushrooms. Just enough to fill them is fine. If it looks like it's too little, don't worry. The mushrooms will shrink on the grill. I sprinkled the tops of my mushrooms with breadcrumbs and red pepper powder, to give it a little kick.

5. Heat a grill. You can use a stove-top one. If you don't have a grill just use a regular pan. It should be ok.  DO NOT bake these. See how some of them are burned in the pic? Those ones went in the oven and the tops burned. I was in a hurry and we were trying to expedite the last batch, since my grill was tiny.

6. Grill them, covered, until they are not firm anymore. But don't wait too long or else they'll become mushy. 5-10 minutes? And these are best served hot off the grill. Enjoy!!

7. Ps - I preferred the brown baby bellas over the big white button mushrooms in terms of aesthetics. I have no idea how the white ones tasted. But since the white ones are bigger I'd probably have used rice or spinach in the stuffing. The smaller ones become even smaller after cooking so filling them with nothing but cheese isn't as bad. :)


Youthful Wisdom said...

Amazing! Thanks so much :)

Constructive Attitude said...

I would like to come over and have you feed me. inshaAllah. what say you?

Margie said...

Easy and yummy!
I'm going to make these.
Thanks for sharing.

Margie :)

PI said...

i missed these :( :(