Thursday, August 11, 2011

From point A to point B to point J then to point G and then finally

My throat is killing me!! No, seriously it's like it grew arms and now its proceeding to strangle itself.

I can't seem to focus on my studies for my life. My throat is keeping me in an irritated mood and sunset couldn't possible be taking longer to get here.
I hate my throat. Stupid thing can't seem to let me be miserable with my studies in peace. But with all my complaining and whinning with a suicidal throat, I feel as though I'm in a lot better state than whatever the hell is going on with our government and the stock market.

And I can't decide if whatever the hell that is going on with us is a lot better than the surreal riots taking place in London.

And despite everything feeling as though its falling apart, my most important thought at the end of the day is how do I be the difference I want to see in the world.

......Yeah. Um ..I lie. I wish that's what I was thinking. Truthfully, when the day is ending only thing I can think about is that there better be some AH-Mazing food and delicious water (I LOVE that transparent liquid gold) going in my stomach sometime very soon to make up for all the inaccessible food that's been shoved around under my nose all day.

But then I think, is this how unfair hunger feels like for the hungry? Especially when food is in front of them and they have no access to it. It's not like they get to have a fast breaking expecting compensation for all the food they "missed out" on.
It would be stupid of me to no tknow that when we eat or drink in front of so many that go hungry each day, that their hunger probaby feels a lot more than just unfair.

And yes, you just had the incomprehensible joy of reading a post that went from point A to point B to point J then to point G and then finally to Z.


Misha said...

Aww, hope you feel better soon.

P.S. this was a good way to realize the whole value/importance of Ramadan!

Constructive Attitude said...


CC said...

Misha-Thanks. I hope I start feeling better soon too. And I agree.