Saturday, January 1, 2011

The new year thingys


I spent new year's eve in my bedroom reading the Muslim holy book, the Quran.

My fascination with the new year hullabaloo ended like two or three years ago. And new year's day is like just another day.

The authors of this blog were supposed to share some of their reflections or highlights of this past year, and since I never got on them to send me their sentences, you all are gonna be stuck with just my thoughts.

And with some imaginary drum roll I present to you some of my highlights and reflections of this past year:

The realization of the increasing effort I need to be putting in, to show my parents respect, love and to bring them happiness, insh'Allah

The need for me to find spiritual balance for my soul, so my confidence is not so easily shaken and my thoughts are not so easily turned negative...Eat, Pray, Love ...Did you read the book? If you did, you have some idea as to what I'm talking about.

An Islamic conference, here in North America, instilling in me the importance to insh'Allah cultivate Love for people, creatures and the world around me. The way one of the speakers worded it, (and I summarize in my own words) Bani Adam (the Children of Adam) is your entire family. You might get annoyed with our family or may not get along with all of them, but you can't just leave them or remove them. Become a people that deals with life with good nature and humor, with shifting perspectives to see situations not just from your own perspective but from that of other people, even animals or the environment.

To be a student, is not to just learn from a classroom, but is an active process that takes place at all times, and to carry a pen and notebook wherever you go because you never know where you may learn something, because life can be a constant teacher-another thing I picked up from the conference.

Medical school is hard. Period. And kinda stupid.

It's easy to fall into a depression or any negative emotion when you're going through hard times. And the more lonelier you feel, the harder it is to keep yourself from sinking. But it's still very much possible especially if you yourself refuse to let go and keep yourself open to experiencing the wonders and joys around you.

Kids are so freaking awesome sometimes, especially when they can pop and lock while dancing and tell YOU that you're "Not feeling the music! You have to feeelll it while dancing" LOL

and CC, out

P.S. I pray to God that he blesses us with a year in which the world is filled with more mercy and understanding, where people take the time to sit down and choose the correct path for the good of others, and any obstacles and problems that people are going through are made easy. Ameen.


Aminah said...

Nice post! Life indeed is the best classroom.

Constructive Attitude said...

I like the notion of carrying around a pen and notebook wherever you go, because you really can learn from so many places, besides the classroom (And I'm sure many of us would agree that we didnt learn a whole lot inside the classroom). I remember when I went to my teacher conference, I kinda felt like that. Like, why dont I always carry around a notebook and jot down things? Most things I learned there, I usually texted to someone.

Anywho, well said, my friend, well said.

Mrs. Cullen said...


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

So you were at RIS too? Extend the circle...ahhh yes but who wants to enter it? I'm waiting...wanna enter my circle?

C said...

In the lecture they were saying that we all have our own circle like some people only hang out with people from their own culture or people from their own religion or from their own country so we should extend our circle to include others we don't normally include. Does that ring a bell?

Visual Notes said...

Happy New Year, this is a beautiful reminder.

controlled chaos said...

I deleted my last comment because 'it didn't make sense'

Anyways, I just said thanks ladies for the comments
I would have said thanks dude if there was a guy comment on here.

marjnhomer said...

i so agree with the notion of depression sucking you in and the end results are so devastating..