Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi everyone!
Hows your new year going? Mine's been packed with writing assignments that make me crave memorization-only classes ;). Anywho, up in my neck of the woods there were these huge snowstorms that made everything look sooo pretty and interesting!

This is the entrance to my school it made me think of a winter wonderland :))
Ooo and this is something I found which I thought was really cool, it's a poster that was found in New York. If you ask me, it should be everywhere!
Since it's now citrus season I thought i'd plug my favorite citrus-y fruit! The Blood Orange!
Ok I think thats enough time procrastinating on my 8 page paper :) meet up with you lovelies soon with something a little more substantive ;p


Constructive Attitude said...


Youthful Wisdom said...

Your school looks so nice!! :)

And blood oranges are creepy..

Rationality said...

Lovely pictures
Good luck dear:)

Sabirah said...

I have never had a blood orange before. Hmm...it looks good...just the name is a little freaky.

The snow looks so beautiful!

Good luck with your paper. I have my "exam" coming up in order to complete my Master's program. It's 4 weeks to write two 60 page papers. So much fun!

marjnhomer said...

love the pics. esp the hands. and blood orange..i dont know if i would eat those..