Saturday, January 8, 2011

Geico: So easy that a caveman can do it.

It's like 5 am.

Ok. No. I lied. It's really 7:28 am.

But who can tell the difference? I'm awake when I don't want to be, everyone else is sleeping and it's still dark outside. And it's a saturday. So it's pretty much the same.

I should be studying.

No. I lied again. I REALLY REALLY should be studying.

I didn't do anything all day yesterday (=got no school work done) because I couldn't stop feeling anxious and restless and all I wanted to do is eat, which I did; first breakfast, second breakfast, pizza, hash browns, dinner, second mini dinner including two toaster strudels, then two bowls of popcorn and chips (mixed together ) right before I gave up and went to sleep.

And I woke up today feeling so irritated and fat. First I got grumpy with my mom, and felt terrible about it, then I just grunted at my cat (a guess a little something like a caveman), then I got really irritated with myself and snapped at myself , then I thought about everything that I ate, looked in the mirror and decided that I was clearly getting fat, and snapped at myself again.


It's amazing how negative energy promotes negative energy.

Maybe if I went out and cleaned ...oh I dunno.... like the local Freeway, I would have gone to bed and woken up with daisies falling all around me to pretty music and birds and squirrels singing and flying rainbows. I would have let out a giggle, and pranced like a ballerina to the bathroom.

Okay I lied again, as I'm sure you can clearly tell, there is no such thing as CC giggling......Or prancing for that matter.

Oh but I do like banging my head against the wall, both metaphorically and realistically.
It's such a great exercise and I don't know why people just don't do that instead of spending hundreds of dollars on yoga and meditation. They could be using that money on car insurance!

Or they could switch to Geico and save hundreds of dollars on car insurance and use that money to buy therapy classes for their local medical student.

Who like a fellow author once very clearly pointed out, is YOUR FUTURE DOCTOR.

And the end. That's the happy ending you get with this post............yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

CC, out


Misha said...

You're so right about negative energy promoting itself. Why don't you do a small workout? I've read exercise releases endorphins and those make you feel good :)

qistina said...

lol i googled geico :P

Constructive Attitude said...

Banging your head against a wall, both metaphorically and literally, doesnt do anything for you...I dont know why you're acting like it's the solution to calming yourself down.

Personally, I think you need a punching bag with a picture of med school on there or something.

Does Geico really save you money on car insurance? Cause my car insurance is pretty expensive.

Falling Up said...

please dont bang your head against anything. :(

I went to a florist today. yayyyy.

ooh kitty purrr

Mrs. Cullen said...

CA--car insurance decreases A LOT once you turn 25, jus sayin

and yeah. i've done the banging head thing...a lot a lot. all it does is give you a headache.

Kate said...

Hate studying...anytime before noon is too early to study and anytime after 12:05 is too you have a very small window there...use it wisely! ;)

controlled chaos said...

Misha-I stretch when i wake up..usually...does that count?

Qistina-haha awww you need to watch the commercial videos with their tag lines to get Geico. haha sorry

CA-yes it does
MC- No it doesnt

Kate-i dunno you're talking about 12:05 midnight or 12:05 noon. i thought it was the second one and lolled then i wasn't sure anymore.

Anonymous said...

life is hard.

marjnhomer said...

what is that time of the month or something?

Constructive Attitude said...


Sabirah said...

lol...i'm pretty much like that when i've got too much on my plate. well usually not too much...but more than i'd like :)

hope ur feeling better now!

supreem said...

you need to thoroughly tickled.