Monday, January 3, 2011

Diet Journal Review

A few months ago, I blogged about starting a Diet Journal and promised with a follow up.

When I initially started it and wrote down everything I ate before I ate it, I noticed a dramatic reduction in the amount of food I consumed. Maybe it was because I was more conscious of what I was eating and didn't want to feel like a fatty. Or maybe it was because before I ate something I started to ask myself if I was eating out of hunger or boredom. Whatever it was it helped me realize that a huge chunk of my calorie intake came from snacking and I lost two pounds in the first ten days without even going hungry.

I set a calorie goal for the day and tried to not cross it. It's much harder than it looks; especially if you're a snacker like me. I became really conscious of the food choices I was making. Instead of reaching for a cookie, I'd grab an apple, which didn't bother me because I love fruit and vegetables so much.

The problem with India is that there is a shortage of healthy food options. There are an abundance of little kiosks and vendors selling chips and Cadbury chocolate bars; mango juice and Fanta. There is a shortage of fresh, undamaged fruit. The fruit and vegetables I was able to find was half rotten and the prices were sky high for the poor quality. So it was difficult to eat more quality food, even though I'd remain within my calorie limit. This made me feel like garbage and fat and greasy.

So anyways, I stuck with it regardless and stopped as soon as I came back to America, because I left my diet journal in India. I thought it would help me form a habit of controlling myself, but it didn't. Maybe I'm just too gluttonous. I am going to go back on it from tomorrow because I really felt a difference when I was on it. It works if you honestly write down what you ate and how many calories the food contains. I don't know if it'll help everyone, but for a snacker I think it'll help reduce involuntary.

Oh, and I picked up Skinny Bitch {read Simply Me's review HERE}, and they make you feel like a cow. I also feel like I should go organic. But not vegan. Another story for another day.

Small frequent meals are good, but when you stick food in your mouth as soon as you spot it without thinking it isn't. So yes, I recommend this is people like me who can't control their cravings and then cry about being fat.

Edit: I'm going to randomly put my New Years Resolution in here: Stop drinking Tea that isn't green/herbal. Today is day one.


supreem said...

I've been counting calories for like 5 years now. I can pretty much look at anything and give a rough estimate of it's caloric value :x But I don't really think of it as dieting, because lol, there are times I gain weight and times I lose, all while counting. But, it is important to be conscious of what we eat; especially because of our extremely sedentary lifestyles that we live nowaday.

Mrs. Cullen said...

you should go organic. its the right thing to do, seriously. my family has been trying as much as we can for the past year.

you wont feel a change, most of the food and drinks taste the same but in the long run it will be a benefit, inshallah, not only to your health but to your Iman.

controlled chaos said...

hmmmm interesting....maybe i should do one too but it seems like sooo much work.

And my issue is laziness...

Constructive Attitude said...

I should probably do this as well. But I just dont feel like it.

Anonymous said...

It really is amazing how much your food intake can be altered by simply writing down everything you eat. I went organic for a while but with a large family, it can get really expensive. Inshallah you will find balance and be able to eat well, but still enjoy what you eat.

Misha said...

Green tea is great. I also read about how a lady who was trying to lose weight would drink freshly squeezed grapefruit with every meal, and she lost a couple of extra pounds every month just for doing that!

Falling Up said...

I have stuck to my resolution. it's been two days. Or something. And I am sad. lol.

I am all for going organic. I am tired of eating apples half the size of my head. But I heard a lot of companies that advertise organic got around the system, so they can still call themselves organic when they aren't. Any ideas which brands are safe to go with?

marjnhomer said...

writing what you eat helps only if you know how many calories it contains. how are you suppose to do that with curries, desi food and rice..