Monday, December 27, 2010

you guys didn't wish your christian readers a merry christmas. how rude.

That was a comment left for us by Anonymous on Mrs. Cullen's post (below). And that comment has left a smile on my face for a couple of hours after reading it. And no, it wasn't an evil, mocking smile. It was a genuine, I'm so happy, smile.

I'll tell you why I was happy. Whether you think I'm cuckoo for it, is up to you. After reading it, I had two thoughts cross my mind, Sir Anonymous is right, we didn't wish our Christian readers a merry christmas and maybe it was very rude.

The second thought being, OMG SOMEBODY cares about what we say!!!! YAYYY!! There is someone out there who genuinely cared whether or not we wished people Merry Christmas, and yes 'cared' is being used loosely here. Sir Anonymous was bothered or at least thought that it should be expected from this blog of random, rambling Muslim girls. And that makes me happy. I'm happy that even after all the highs and lows we have with this blog and even after how it feels like we're doing such a sluggish job, that our words DO matter. So, yayy

Anyways, to Sir Anonymous (And yes I am quite aware you could be a Madam, but let's just say I'm using the word 'Sir' VERY loosely) and to EVERYONE else that has, does, and will read our blog, I am sorry we didn't send out a holiday greetings, whether you celebrated Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Diwali and whatever else I may be missing.
I could give you all the reasons and excuses why each of us forgot to say anything for Christmas, including being out of the country, having blogging lows, being unsure as to which holidays to send greetings for, and some other reasons, but it doesn't really matter at this point. I wished random strangers a Merry Christmas, but I didn't say anything to my readers...that is rude.

So I wanted to say first of to all our Christmas celebrating readers, I truly hope you had a GREAT CHRISTMAS :)
I can honestly say that I love watching the spirit of giving and happiness that comes into people at this time of the year, every year.

And to those who celebrated Hanukkah at the start of December, of this soon to be ending year, I hope you had an amazing experience and your latkes were as yummy as they could be (I've been on a mission to make latkes since last year... and maybe there'll be another awesome youtube song next year...I flip my latkes in the air sometimes saying ayy ohh spin the driedel)

For all the Kwanzaa fans, I hope you're having a HAPPY KWANZAAA!!
For those that celebrated Diwali in November, I'm sorry we're a month behind in wishing that you had a great Diwali, and I hope the one for next year will be just as great as this year if not better.

And to everyone else whose holidays we missed this past year, I hope your holidays in the new year will be experiences filled with good things, happiness and success.

I hope our readers and especially Sir Anonymous can forgive us, if not completely then at least partially, and forgive us if we make the same mistake next year, because to be honest with you, we're not the most organized, efficient or best of humans and we tend to get caught up with our own lives and problems.

So forgive us? Okay? And I really do hope you had a great Christmas Sir Anonymous. Oh and thank you.

CC, out.


ladytruth said...

I smiled a little when reading about Mr. A's comment and smiled a little more when reading of your response to it. I like your approach to situations; you could've just ignored it or called 'him' out for being anonymous, but you handled it pretty well and managed to write an entire post about it! So good on you :)

Irendi said...

Ok, I'm older than five, but I really got a good chuckle out of the beginning of this post...and then my heart warmed at the end by your response. Happy New Year, ladies!

Constructive Attitude said...

haha. i have to tell you something funny.

but maybe i wont.

you're smart. mA

controlled chaos said...

ladytruth and Irendi-thanks guys. And happy new year to you guys!

Anonymous said...

it was ME and no i am a female. i get mistaken for a male all the time though!

Anonymous said...

actually it was ME and i am a male

Simply me said...

No no, it was really me all along. Jokes over.

Heckety said...

Like the attitude! How many of you guys go round complaining you haven't been wished all the best for the holiday that's in it? And is it more insulting to get the holiday wrong, or forget it entirely?
Ho hum! I consider this anytime a friend in a different religion to myself is having a festival and I don't know the answers, and I sometimes can't work out which festival.
Me? I'm not fussed if I get wished Happy Whatsit or not- its not the most important thing that'll ever happen to me!! And more important to just have friends, especially those who speak their mind and you know where you stand with 'em...

(ps. grammar and spelling are having a break somewhere...Bahamas, or somewhere hot...)

controlled chaos said...

thanks heckety1

supreem said...

Happy NORMAL day! :)