Monday, August 31, 2009

My family is We ird

I'm sorry I've been skipping on the, My family is We-ird segments
It's not that I'm running out of material. Cuz trust me, I'm not. But I'm just lazy.

So here's this week's segment of my family is WE ird.

My family and I were taking a road trip to visit my cousin and her new baby. (The newest light of my life). And you know how during road trips, you bond, and spend quality time with each other?
Well, not with my family.

We re-learn all the lessons why we can't be in close proximity to each other. And evolve hibernating characteristics.

But this trip was slightly different, it was only my younger brother C, me and my parents. But that didn't stop my family from being weird.

I'm driving and my dad is on the seat next to me. My mom is behind me, and my youngest brother is pretend sleeping in the seat all the way in the back. It's a minivan.

My dad is reading an Urdu newspaper and finds something he decides to share with us, "Oh! Apparently Sania Mirza is engaged."

Uhh..Okay. But why do we care?

My mom looks up, "Oh really? That Indian tennis player right? She is? To who?"

Really why do we care??!

"To this guy she's known since school."
And then he goes on to read the entire biography article published by the newspaper. And I'm wondering if maybe we're related to her.
"But she' s not that great right?"
"No. No she's really good. She finished eighth in the 2007 U.S. open series"
"Yeah that's not that great"
"You speak like it's so easy to get that place. Compared to all these other tennis players in the world, she's really good"
"I guess if you look at it like that...Is she pretty?"
"Yeah she's pretty"
What Dad???
"Like really? She's really pretty?"
What the..?
"Yeah she's really pretty"
Where the heck is this conversation going???

"Yeah, look"
He points to a picture of her on the newspaper.
"What? Where?"
"Here look at this picture"
And he hands the newspaper back to her.

"......Ohh okay"
Now I wanted to see, "What? I wanna see. Do you think she's pretty?"
"Um but...she ....has a beard"
Me, my dad, and my younger brother (who woke up at this point) ".....................Um what?"
"She has a beard"

My younger brother C, "MOM you're looking at a GUY!!! THIS picture is her!"

"Ohhh...Ok yeah she is pretty"

My dad, turns around and goes like, "Why would you look at a guy thinking it's her?!"
"Well you're the one that pointed to that picture"
"I was pointing at the one below it"
"Ohh...yeah I was wondering why I was looking at a picture of a person with a beard. You should point more clearly."
"This is what happens when you don't wear your glasses. "

Me, " Oh my god. You guys are sooo WEIRD"

"What? What's so weird about mistaking a picture like that?"

Absolutely nothing. Nothing is wrong with wondering why the girl with the beard is pretty.


Artistic Logic said...

hahahah i would have gone crazy on that trip... but laughed my head off later

Everyday Muslimah said...

hahaha...I have had family moments like that! Can def. relate since I also have a father into Urdu news. =)

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting--visit more often!

Faith said...

come on
that sounded like tons of fun
Can I borrow them?

ladytruth said...

Your parents sound adorable :) One day you'll be just like them, just wait and see.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Did you get out of the car and shake your head wondering how this conversation lasted as long as it did? I would have.

However, very funny to read.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

you should start numbering your segments. Makes it easier to keep track of them!

Constructive Attitude said...

HAHAHHAA.i'm laughing for two reasons.

anywho i love your family. they're so fun. masha'Allah

MarjnHomer said...

thank you i needed that thi s crazy morning...

LiLu said...

Pointing unclearly is hazardous to your health. Everyone knows that. :-)

Anonymous said...

This whole post was hilarious.

Heckety said...

I laughed so much I cried! This could be my family! Are you sure we're not cousins or related somehow? Two families like ours? What's the possibility of that? !!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I am going to be just like your mom when I grow up. LOL. Thanks for the laugh

Kim said...

Ha! I loved this story. Being with my family reminds me of why we can't be in close proximity too.

Cheryl said...

maybe YOU're the weird one.

Oh dude, I actually saw this girl with a beard the other day when I was walking on the street, and my brother was like "TOTALLY A MAN!" like really loudly as we walked by her, and the girl turned around, and gave me the worst look ever. It literally made me want to die.