Monday, August 3, 2009

The Demise of Crocs

I hope you all are happy.

All you croc haters out there got your wish granted.

I'm not a big croc person. And I dont own a single pair of crocs.

But I never wanted this to happen to the inventors of croc.

According to Newsweek magazine, the Croc Inc. company people might be going bankrupt and the Croc stock is around $3 as opposed to what it was at before, a whopping $75 (I'm not sure what this really means, but it seems like some real bad news)....And the CEO resigned too.

I feel so bad for people who make crocs. They all might be out of a job.

So this could possibly mean that there will be no one making crocs anymore.

This is sad.

I mean, sure they can be an eye sore, but what isn't.

Who the heck cares what they look like. Have you seen some of the other trends out there that are still popular?

Leggings as pants.

Harem pants

Leg warmers


Kristen Stewart's Mullet

Chris Brown and people accepting his lameeeeeee apology

People still like all that stuff, so why doesnt everyone just accept crocs?

I have a friend who swore off crocs and ridiculed them like no other. Come to find that they were her savior during our trip to NYC. (She's the genius that packed a bajillion pairs of stilletos and wedges and couldnt wear a single one of them because all we did was walk. She would have died without Controlled Chaos' Crocs)

Now she loves them. She even went and bought herself a pair of pink crocs.

Anyways, I think everyone should go out and buy a pair of crocs so we can save the croc company!

Who's with me!!!


Mutmainnah said...

Not Me!
Ahahahahha, they're still disgusting to me, and I don't want to smell other peoples nasty feet!

Kim said...

I just can't follow you on this one. I appreciate the jobs involved and people's lives and such...but I really do hate Crocs. :)

Amalia said...

I own a pair for round the house - just a plain boring black pair and I have to say they are very comfy. They were also useful for wearing in the sea when we went to the beach to prevent treading on spiky things. I'm not the worlds biggest croc fan but they're not so bad :)

*mary* said...

My child is the only one in our home that owns any, and I have to say that I HATE them. El hideola. But yeah, sad for the Crocs peeps I guess. (But then again, perhaps it is karma, for birthing such a hideous product into the world. But probably they just over-anticipated sales and made WAY too many.)

Other than that, I was totally with you up until the mullet. That girl actually can rock a sweet mullet. Sorry.

Lopez said...

Ha ha ha, you put Twilight on the list! Great list...and i actually got this huge urge to find a pair of leg warmers...

That is sad...but they made a TON of money...

Funny, on our way back home from our weekend trip, I stopped at a gas station and they had these little tiny rubber croc keychains. I HAD to buy one for my daughter, she loves her crocs! Loves!

Artistic Logic said...

yea i can't join in on this cause for the greater good... its a waste of rubber in my opinion bahaha

anyways... i needed to say, leg warmers are cute though!!!

Madame Lefty said...

Sure some of the other trends were horrible, but none as terrible as Chris Brown and his laaaammmmeeee apology. It just gets to me that people actually believe him!

On a sad note, my boyfriend owns Crocs. I remember the first time I saw them I busted out laughing and made a comment along the lines of, "Oh my God, I can't believe you're so white!" :o

Not a high point in my life, but after apologizing for the comment, I still kept laughing about the crocs, even as I wore them! They're just so comical to me.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I've heard crocs are comfortable, but have yet to buy a pair. Guess I got to run out.

I can't believe leg warmers are back in style?! WTF...When I saw the movie Sex in the City and Sarah Jessica Parker's character was wearing them, I wondered if they were her pair from her role in Square Pegs....Some things should just never come back.

linlah said...

oh yes, the '70's are back, with a vengence.

Cheryl said...

...who ARE you...

Critty Critty Bang Bang said...

Harem pants always inspire me to sing M.C. Hammer's "Can't touch this".
I don't wear Crocs...they're simply toooooo horrendous. BUT, my clients all looove them and own about 3 pairs each. Along with my co-workers who color coordinate their Crocs with whatever they're wearing.
I feel bad for the employee's...maybe the makers of those UGH..or whatever boots will hire 'em. I still see tons of those out and about.

Kate said...

Never wore crocs, heard they were comfortable. Also heard that they are hazardous when kids wear them, making them trip and fall much more often.
What grade are you going to teach?

Soda and Candy said...

I was all ready to lambast those misguided rubber-clog makers, but you've made me feel sad for them now!!!

And also laugh out loud at those awful stirrup leggings and harem pants.

If you must buy Crocs they ought to at least be pink I suppose, but what's wrong with sneakers?

MarjnHomer said...

who the heck would wear harem pants. they are awful!

Kate said...

You’ll survive. I wish I could tell you everything will work out just perfect and there won’t be any problems, but I can’t and there will. This will be my 4th year teaching and I still get nervous to begin the school year. I also feel that I improve as a teacher each year (that’s the great thing about the profession, you can always improve your craft, it’s never boring) and it was almost a full year before I felt that I wasn’t being run over by the kids. The great thing is that those kids will love you more than you can imagine and you have the unique opportunity to shape their lives in a positive way!!

Mrs. Cullen said...

I love crocs
I love leg warmers
I love chris brown
I hate you!

Brunch at Saks said...

Haha! Love this post! The legging pants are a huge no-no in my book as well!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad you did because I am loving yours! XOXO

LiLu said...

I cannot support this. But I admire your comparison of them to Kristen Stewart's mullet.

Youthful Wisdom said...

Harem pants are freaking awesome. They're even selling them in Egypt =P

fuelMybrain said...

OMG my childhood flashed before my eyes seeing all those styles, AHHHHHHH. And the Harem Pants? OMG, those were "Hammer Pants" in the 7th grade. OMG OMG OMG I need to go wash my mind of those images.

On another thought, wow $75 down to $3... I think the patent on those were released and generics are made so we won't lose them (sorry).

P.S. I LOVE your friend's purple and hot pink outfit!!!!!

The Demigoddess said...

I never liked Crocs. It's like a fashion faux pas. But I might buy one just to help out the people who work at Crocs.

Anonymous said...

what?! oh no! i love crocs! well, i have one pair, and they are sooooo comfy. yes, not the most attractive thing ever. but if i were worried about my foot fashion, i wouldn't be wearing uggs now would i? (my most favorite winter shoe)


Rabia said...

I laughed and laughed and laughed at the "Twilight" reference!!! :D

Sure, Crocs don't look great, but I've heard they're comfortable! I would get a pair for myself but I'm a ballet flat addict. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish to...But I cant
I would much eager to spend the same amount of money to get myself 1 pair of Nike instead of 1 pair of Crocs..
I'm not rich nor spendthrift...