Thursday, August 20, 2009

Analogs and Anniversaries

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How computerized is your mind?

Ever spilled coffee and wanted to hit Ctrl+Alt+Z (Undo)?

I have.

Ever made a mistake while writing an exam, and wished there was a Select All > Delete option?

I have, especially after completing 3 page long calculations only to find a mistake in the 5th step.

Dropped the last bite of your delicious kabob...and now you're thinking


mmm....can't say I've ever done that since my food disappears just as fast as it appeared on the plate.

And this should be everyone's favorite...

Have a blog post in mind? How easy would it be to just Ctrl+C (copy) straight to your desktop.

Oh, Microsoft, I curse thee and thy lazying ways.

I kid you not, as geeky as it sounds, my mind often automatically defaults to wanting to hit some computer command to undo/redo/take away/add on...etc get the point.

Where is the download-able App. that will allow me to make my oh so fast life...even FASTER? I mean iPhone can only set my expectations yay high when they put a freakin' GYROSCOPE inside their creation. So you know...LEVEL things "on the go". Cause everyone needs to make sure the ground is even before they step out the door, right? Or perhaps you wanted to hang up a painting inside your car?? Who knows what creative ways you iPhone users will dazzle us with...

I'm sure most of you didn't even know there was a gyroscope in the phone.


At work there's a Monday morning group meeting (I KNOW. What a terrible time for a meeting), and this Monday I managed to hear my supervisor describe a building as "ghetto." He made sure to look around the room, give a long pause, and lower his voice before saying the word. I wonder why?

Then today I hear him greeting our co-worker with "Yo wattup wattup"

I don't know where he's been hanging out, but I want in!

Next week I'm expecting....."Ey Artistic Logic-dizzle.... get this calc done NOW ....ya heard?"


I'm just about done with my first year at this company. Can't believe it but time really flew by. I love my job. No sarcasm here. =)


Lopez said...

Honey...I want to backspace the last 11 years of my life and start over...

Constructive Attitude said...

lol. i think that guy didnt want to offend anyone by using the word "ghetto". I do that too sometimes.

Also what is a gyroscope?

Faith said...

thank you :)
the idea of hitting one key to solve my issues made my night.

Amalia said...

Nice idea, I agree, it would be cool to just ctrl alt delete sometimes!

Chuckle said...

this was such a cool post. so creative. i never thought of anything like this. but now i probably will start to

Artistic Logic said...

thanks lopez, faith and amalia!

CA a gyroscope is just what i described... a device that basically detects "position" so it can be used (set on a surface) to check if its completely flat or not...more of engineering applications, nothing that a person would randomly need to check i guess

Chuckle its not a good thing to think this way, it'll get frustrating pretty quick. Sorry! lol

controlled chaos said...

cute one :)

Kim said...

I often find myself wanting to control alt delete. Just kidding! But I totally get what you're saying.

Soda and Candy said...

Oh man, do I ever wish I could press Rewind on this life.

My brain frantically shouts "Control Z! Control Z!" at least once a day.

provoking invoking said...

oh man i dont even know where to begin

but yeah, one time i accidently even said "delete" instead of "erase" (as in, "do you want me to delete this chalkboard?")

you need one of these: