Monday, August 17, 2009


Yeah, I quit.

And no, I dont mean the first grade teaching job.

But my other job.

For those of you who haven't been following Symphonic Discord for too long, you should know that, I, Constructive Attitude, have been working faithfully at the infamous call center at our University for the past three years.

I am by far, the loyalestestest employee they have. If I do say so myself.

However woe is me, because I was forced to finally depart from my beloved.

Being a teacher is going to take a huge toll on me. I can feel it already. And I need to give it my full devotion and die trying, otherwise I will just be a failure that didnt try hard enough.

So with that said, I will no longer be harrassing alumni from 6-9 every weekday and Sunday, all day asking them to make ridiculous contributions to the University. No longer will I drone on and on about how it is vital for alumni to support blah blah program because due to state funding cuts the university relies on their support. No longer will I pretend to care if people call us solicitors and telemarketers and state that indeed we are not telemarketers because we are a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION.

For God's sake, WE ARE FREAKING TELEMARKETERS. We drive people NUTS! And we call during dinner/supper/Superbowl/News/Obama's Inauguration etc. PEOPLE HATE US!

Anyways, I began working as a student caller in May 2006 and became a supervisor in August 2007 and resigned twice and came back twice and resigned as a supervisor only to go back to being a caller.

Best employee ever, I tell ya.

I was the first one among friends to start working there and I think I referred about 20+ friends and my sister to this job. Half of Symphonic Discord has worked there as well (Including Artistic Logic, Mrs. Cullen and Controlled Chaos)

I've been told to Shut the eff up, don't ever effing call here anymore, asked if I understood English, spoke English, heard English, called foreign, laughed at, mocked at, probably spit at, barked at, snorted at,asked "You must not be from around here", and hung up on numerous times.

I've also raised approximately $300,000 for this place in the past three years. $90,000 this year alone. Not to brag or anything. ;)

But as everyone constantly keeps stating it's just time to let go.

So farewell to thee, but not farewell to all my fondest thoughts of thee

(Watch me write a post in about a week saying I just cant live without that place and how I went back)


Kate said...

Hopefully you will love teaching and won't think for a second about that other job. I hope you have time to rest before you have to teach!

linlah said...

Dang that IS some dedication. I hope you love your teaching job as much as the call center.

Hajar said...

Should I say, good move? Anyway, hope that you'll do great in your teaching job. :)

Faith said...

Girl you cracked me up LOL
I think, since you just started, still can’t tell how much the new job will consume from your time and so it’s a bit early to find out about handling the two jobs at once. Good luck :)

ladytruth said...

Teaching being a full time job? More like Take-over-my-life-and-spit-me-out-when-I'm-sixty-job around here. Sometimes it's worth it and sometimes it's not.

As for the other job: it sounds like a constant love-hate relationship ;)

mint.fresh.muslim said...

I'm sure they'll miss you too :-P

All the best with the teaching job. There is no way (well..) you'd be able to give both jobs your full attention, trust me I know, I had to do a similar thing before doing teacher training. Good move :-)

P.s you're tagged! Check my blog out for more info!

JennyMac said... the ping pong game with the call center. Will you return? I am all ears for Part II. :)

Anonymous said...

Well if you're going out, going out after raising 300,000 is a decent way to do it.

I think all teachers are outstanding people- good luck to you!

Well, not ALL teachers. Mr. Lozen was kind of a dick.

I think that all teachers who are not Mr. Lozen are outstanding people- good luck to you!

Sister Mary Declan DID hit me in the head with a bell when I was in the fourth grade. Did you know bells ring differently when they're struck against the soft head of a fourth grader?

I think that all teachers who are not Mr. Lozen or hit their students with bells are outstanding people- good luck to you!

Faith said...


Barefoot Blogger said...

Good for you--hold out against going back though! Teaching is a crazy/amazing full-time job, and some of the most rewarding, fun and weird-ass times I've had as an adult!

Heckety said...

Yup you'll need every ounce of energy and focus for teaching! Sounds like you have plenty of that though...

Kim said...

i think this will be a good move for you in the end. you'll need that time to regain your composure and rest.

provoking invoking said...

hey with teaching you get summers off... you KNOW you'll be back at the call center.

LOL @ imnotbenny