Friday, August 21, 2009

Runaway Driver

I'm waiting for my driver.

See, we're supposed to go to a wedding. My Aunt's *maid/servant's wedding. I live with my aunt, by the way. My mom left us to go back home to the Americas.

He's not here and not answering his phone. He's late.

My aunt wants my driver and her servant's sister to get married. So does my mom.

I think that scares him. Crazy women trying to find him a wife. {obviously this is an arranged marriage, but I don't think that's what scares him. It's the way things are done here.}

So today he has to "meet the family" so they can see him and decide if they like him. I think my aunt gave him the heads up. And I think that explains his MIA since he usually never skips. And he won't answer his phone.

I personally think he shouldn't get married until I graduate. Otherwise he'll have wife issues. And then start skipping because that's what happens when people get married. Their wives go crazy on them. And then I'll have no one to take me to school. And then I'll fail.

It's like Runaway Bride. heehee.

*what would be a less degrading word choice? I hate it. Hired help??


Faith said...

you think he should stay single until u graduate lol
so the world doesn't revolve around you or anything huh ;D

Sarah Alaoui said...


Artistic Logic said...

don't be so silly let the boy get married

Constructive Attitude said...

When people get married their wives go crazy on them?


Falling Up said...

Thing is, he doesn't want to get married. His mom told us. lol.

Sarah, thanks! lol. I have forgotten a lot of my English after moving here.

CA, in India they do. At least that's the excuse people make to ditch work. No exaggeration. Dump it all on the wifey.

ladytruth said...

Poor thing. He probably took the car and head for the hills. Or a really nice resort with a carport.