Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Ok this will be a quick one from me.

Just wanted to share two pieces of pure, raw, spectacular art. Click the links to see two short films that are superb in not only the cinematography, direction, plot and acting, but probably most importantly, the messages which they convey. (If you're an emotional sap like me get out your kleenex)

The first is 10 Minutes by Ahmed Imamovic, made in 1994 highlighting the importance of 10 minutes, especially in a war-torn country (in this case, the war torn country of Bosnia in 1994). After watching this I couldn't help but feel saddened at what 10 minutes to us are in comparison to 10 minutes of those in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, unfortunately the list can go on (and I'm talking about soldiers, civilians, everyone...all politics aside). Also made me sad because the Bosnian-Serbian war is so recent (in fact I was in elementary school when I made friends with many bosnian kids who migrated as refugees to the US), yet I forget it. Sigh.

The second is What Is That? made in 2008 by SOME awesome artist that should get their due credit; unfortunately, I have no idea who made it.
This film just reminded me of countless Hadith (recordings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW's advice/examples for many many things in life). My favorites are below:

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family) has said: “The look of a child towards his parents out of love for them is an act of worship.”
Meaning, just a simple kind/loving gaze towards your mom or dad or both is considered a prayer. How sweet is that? Just goes to show the rank that this relation holds in Islam and I'm sure most other religions as well.

Imam as-Sadiq (peace be upon him) has said: “Allah shall not accept the prayers of a person who looks at his parents with hatred, even if they have been unfair to him!”

So again, its not just for those who have a strong and healthy relationship with their parents but even for those who lack that. Perhaps the change in behavior would be a mechanism to work on strengthening that bond? Or in another sense this could be referring to those difficult times where you disagree with the parents, whether they're right or wrong, they deserve that respect and softness (in behavior/attitude). There's got to be wisdom in that!

That's all folks!

As Mrs. Cullen would say...

For the sake of Peace and Mothers (&Fathers)

Good night everyone =).

OH P.S. I know there's a way to "embed" , if thats the right term videos into posts, but I'm sorry guys I am just not that talented as a blogger =\. Shucks.
I couldn't figure it out, so I know its inconvenient not to be able to watch it right in this window but please do click the links. I bet you an ice cream cone they'll be worth it!


Faith said...


that was spectacular art indeed

guys.. I love your blog. keep'em coming plz

Constructive Attitude said...

My dad always tells us that hadith about parents.
(i havent watched the videos yet, but will do in a bit :) )

Heckety said...

Those two quotations are so right, the second one, in particular is one I adapt for school children to use towards their teachers. Teaching children to respect their elders whether or not they agree with them is really difficult I find, but it needs to be done. Thank you for those. Who says our religions are different? We are living by many almost identical tenets.

Artistic Logic said...

thank you Faith for being a faithful reader ;)

Heckety, your comments encourage me to keep sharing, thanks! "Who says our religions are different? We are living by many almost identical tenets." ---which is even more proof we believe in the same God =), this is something to ponder on hmm