Monday, February 7, 2011

My cat kept coming after my cereal bowl, so I pushed her away using my head...literally

It was snowing really bad the other day. And my family was gone out all day, and like hell I was going to go out and shovel and give up on my newly started record of sitting on the spot that I was planted into for more than 24 hours, happily stressing about school.
Instead I did the next best thing, I sent out frantic text messages to all of them, telling them to come home asap!
And the most magical part was that I never had to move.

They came home eventually, and of course one of the cars is gonna get stuck in the snow. And they tried getting it out for Godknowshowlong. Eventually my brother C and my mom come inside and I find out about the battle going on outside.
Clueless me.

I tell C about my miraculous like ability to get out cars that are stuck. And he says, "Of course its miraculous if you can manage to do it".

(He didn't actually say that, but if he was witty like me, he would have totally thought that)

So upon my mom and C's hailing of me, (is that like idiotic english?) I unselfishly lifted myself out of the computer chair, sadly turned back to look at the chair that wasn't sat in long enough to be imprinted, and marched over..... to the bathroom.

I had to pee.

Anyways, eventually I pulled on a second layer of pants, kept my super funky and bulky prayer scarf on , and pulled on my oldest jacket with my long, completely mismatching kurta sticking out from underneath, and went out to help my family get the car unstuck from the snow. It's not like there's anyone out there other than my family.

I step outside, see our neighbor's car and at least one of my brother's friend out there helping out my dad and my brothers, and turned back around and walked straight back inside.


Not really, I ran into C who yells out "who cares!", and I say, "You're right! Who cares!"
And I go back out determined to show my ability to take out the car. I get into the driver's seat, turn the wheel completely, and yes, miraculously pulled the car out in ONE go.

Then I yelled out to C, "I TOLD YOU!"

Brother B remarks, "It could have helped that there were at least 5 guys pushing from the front," He always got stuck with the minor details.

CC, out

P.S. If you're curious about what a kurta is, look it up! It's a south asian clothing.
P.P.S. My title has nothing to do with my post. So don't focus on it. You will get confused