Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its a Revolution

Thousands of Egyptians are rallying in the streets standing up for justice and freedom, the same morals which we claim to have while sitting on our high American horses.

Personally, I think its amazing. It's history in the making! A new revamped Middle East? Who knows, maybe. All I know is that these people have been living under fear and injustice for 30 years. I remember once asking one of my teachers back in Cairo why he didn't grow his beard out, a common Muslim practice. His response: "I fear the government will kill me."

Its hard for us Americans to understand the hardships lower class Egyptians have been dealing with. There is such an insane discrepancy between the rich and the poor. The rich are living it up in their Californian houses behind gated communities while the poor are living in tiny apartments or shacks piling up families of 10 into a bedroom or two.

When I first went to Egypt several years ago one of the first things I was told was not to talk about government or religion in public or on the phone. Imagine living that of lifestyle. Couple it with not being able to get properly educated or solidify a good paying stable job.

Yea, its a revolution. And its about time.


Irendi said...

I can only imagine how hard life would be if it were so severely limited. I guess I really do sometimes take those liberties for granted.

At the same time, although on a smaller scale, we're still fighting for those same liberties in America. It's a shame, but I'm seeing just how much further we have to go to really have true freedom from our government in America as well.

Amalia said...

I hope he goes soon. Those people in Tahrir square are heroes. I want this to end peacefully and with a good outcome.
I want to get back to normal life, although I think it will be some time yet.

EmptyWords said...

Im just scared of whose gonna take power next... According to Libyan history, when their prez Qaddafi (sp?) took power, it started with a revolution as well. And hes been the same dictator for 30 years but it was still a revolution that appointed him.

Constructive Attitude said...

hopefully history wont repeat itself.