Sunday, February 20, 2011

Found a message on BBC's page

At 12:26pm on 20 Feb 2011, ANEK wrote:

This afternoon we received an e-mail from one of the doctoral students RE her dissertation, she is Libyan, and her husband and other family is currently in Libya. She has asked us to let
people know what is going on. Please feel free (actually, please feel
compelled) to forward this message as far and wide as possible. I have
deleted the student's name for the sake of her safety and her family's

Begin forwarded message:
>> From:
>> Date: February 19, 2011 5:45:42 PM EST
> Subject: Re: hoping that everything is well

>> Thank you so much Dr. xxx
>> I have spoken to him and my family in Benghazi. They are all well.
>> In Benghazi, the situation is terrible; there are massacres occurring.
>> People getting shot by helicopters and snipers; there have been reports
>> of poisoning of the city water supply and mercenaries from sub-Sahara
>> Africa and Algeria have been unleashed reportedly being paid $30,000 each
>> to kill innocent people. Please spread the word among your colleagues and
>> urge everyone you know to contact the UN, the Red Cross and Crescent, all
>> news agencies, the State Department, and the White House. Please tell
>> everyone you know; people are being massacred.
>> Thank you again for checking in. Please pray for the people.
>> -

I saw this on BBC new's comments page. Everything in the emailed matches up to things I have read on twitter, aljazeera english accounts from anonymous witnesses in Libya and etc. So I have no qualms and doubts in posting this up.

SO What Can You Do? Just spread the word. And here's a great site:

On a side note. Anyone watching the All-star game? Any bidders? East? or West? Kobe fan or LeBron?

EDIT: It's monday morning, the game is over, and its highlights are going to be played over and over again for the next week on ESPN. And the most important talking point will be on how Kobe schooled LeBron.

cc, out