Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After Tunisia's upheaval, comes an even more dramatic one


No no no! Violence was not supposed to take over!!

Besides the clashes that erupted before the army replaced the police, the protests in Egypt were going peacefully, gathering force, and gaining admiration. Just yesterday I read an article on the Associated Press that mentioned the most surprising factor was how non-violent the demonstrations were.

Volunteers in the demonstrations were assigned to prevent any individual protesters from inciting any violent acts, human chains were made up of volunteers to keep the protesters separated from any opposing forces.

So much thought put in to try and prevent any outbreaks of violence BY the protesters yelling against their poverty and their restricted freedoms!!

And that was enough to jinx it.

Come today morning, some 3000 pro-Mubarak protesters ride in on CAMELS and HORSES with whips and sticks (I'm wondering why camels and horses as well), and attacked the large demonstrating crowd, breaking its protective human chain, and Violence Erupts.

People are hurt, people are bloody, people fight back, fights are breaking out.

Some protesters begged the army (that was right there) to intervene, help, and protect, but one replied while the others took cover that they were not "ordered" to do so.

Other pro-government protesters are throwing fire bombs and stones from the rooftop of buildings on the masses of anti-Mubarak protesters.

It's a really depressing scene right now for a protest that was fighting for its people's voice, rights, and for democracy.

I hope the people of Egypt win their battle against injustices.

But I'm scared for them.

Remember how just a couple weeks ago the massacre in Arizona had stopped our nation while we heard the names of the victims and watched Congresswoman Giffords battle for her life? Now think of our entire nation undergoing a shock of many Arizona massacres happening all across the nation. They're facing a fight, I think, even scarier than that.

CC, out

P.S. Look at this really short article
It's thought provoking...

[Update 5:50 p.m. Cairo, 10:50 p.m. ET] CNN's Ivan Watson says opposition demonstrators inside Tahrir Square are surrounded by pro-Mubarak groups and fear a bloodbath after nightfall.

CNN's Ben Wedeman tweeted: "The only way out of Tahrir is thru army lines to the right of the mosque next to the Mogamaa." (The Mogamaa is a building that houses the Interior Ministry.) "People in Tahrir square begging Obama to intervene. They are terrified a bloodbath is about to occur."

Crazyy Scary tweets on the ground from CNN correspondent:


Constructive Attitude said...

May God help them all.

Constructive Attitude said...

A journalist from the New York times, Nicholas Kristof, is tweeting about everything thats happening there, like as we speak:

Everyone needs to read it!

Constructive Attitude said...

And also read his latest blog post:

pilgrimchick said...

I am just amazed at what is going on in Egypt and Tunisia. I pray it doesn't end in violence a country comes to regret later.

EmptyWords said...

This post gave me shivers

Sabirah said...

I just got off a flight and was about to start looking at the news. Subhanallah, I can't believe how things can change so quickly. May Allah (swt) protect these people and calm the storm down.

Kelly L said...

My in-laws just flew in from Cairo from a 2 week holiday - the entire time was perfect and beautiful even took a cruise on the Nile - when they arrived in Cairo for their last night - it was a scary place - the air was thick with tear gas - buildings on fire - tanks in the street - gunshot sounds - 60 of them packed on a bus that carries 30 back to the airport... They were lucky to get out when they did...
Praying for peace.
Love to you
I've Become My Mother

cc said...

pilgrimchick-I hope so as well
Sabirah, Kelly L- We all need to be praying for peace. Things keep getting scarier.
CA and EW-sigh

cc said...

pilgrimchick-I hope so as well
Sabirah, Kelly L- We all need to be praying for peace. Things keep getting scarier.
CA and EW-sigh

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