Monday, August 16, 2010

I'll Introduce leave a comment and do the same

Hello there,

We once got a comment from someone, I forget who, saying that they were confused by all the people that write on this blog and they don't know who is who.

And I once had done a post breaking down the authors on this blog, sometime ago, but we've had changes since then so I think I need to re-do that post.

And I was supposed to that re-do post like months ago, but then I got lazy, then I decided to go through a phase of 'I feel like my life is over' and then a phase of 'it's so amazing how everyone is so different', then a phase of I hate the weeds that grow in our lawn but nobody is doing anything about it.

Currently, I'm floating through a phase of tiredness. Floating because ...well it feels like I'm floating..Like a realllll slowww motionnnn.

Anyways so here's the original post introducing the authors on this blog: HERE

And this is the current one. To make life easier for myself, I just asked the authors to gimme 5 witty/fun lines about themselves. And this is what I got

Presenting Falling Up's response:

Why are we doing it again, btw??
Also, here are my five lines/things about me.

I am short and small, so people think I'm a little girl but hello I'm old.
People think I look Like Jasmine but pffft I'm way prettier. Jay Kay El Oh El.

Oh this is supposed to be about our authors selves. sigh. Umm iDK what to write.

I am the Queen of typos and I heart it.
I love tangents and I think it's an essential part of my life, because everything is connected in this very small world.
I love medicine and one day will be your doctor.
I love food and cooking, sometimes a little too much.

Okay I cant think of a fifth that readers might recognize my by. SO if you want you can use number one or two at the top right there

(Haha she's totally going to kill me for including the entire email...hahahaha..or I mean Boo boo boo boo...You know...a ghost's laugh)

Next up, probably the highest commenter (as in commenting on other people's blogs)...Constructive Attitude

ummm its not witty, its not fun, and its not five lines.

but here you go...............................

Feel free to edit/delete.

Salutations! My name is Constructive Attitude, I'm 24, and I'm a first grade teacher. Teaching is not all it's cracked up to be. It's not cute. Nor do teachers sit and grade papers all day. And some teachers need to work during the summer instead of taking a three month vacation. I have an urge to physically harm anyone that remotely thinks the opposite of what I just said, in regards to teaching.

Recently I've become obsessed with saying (in my head) that I'm 25. Even though, obviously, I'm not. Just yet. I had a revelation (dont know why it came so late) that when I hit 25, I will be halfway to 50. This thought has embarked me on what I currently refer to as, "My Midlife Crisis". That tiny idea formed in my head and now I'm obsessed with it.
Along with tiny ideas, I'm also obsessed with my mom and potatoes. They are my life.

(I just think you gain more of an insight into the author's personalities if I paste their entire email...Like this author pretty much gave me a post when I asked for five lines. NOTE: FIVE 1..2..3..4...5... Or maybe I'm just really tired)

Next we have Youthful Wisdom, who seemed to believe that she could rap

I'm Youthful. I'm wise. I'm a teacher by day and traveler by night.

I'm very analytical about situations around me and my favorite subject is the Arabic language.

But then her rap died in the next line. RIP Doomed Rap line.. Oh but she can beat box...a little. Much more than I can though.

Next up, our very own die hard (well used to be anyways) fan of Edward Cullen, Mrs. Cullen

Oh. Ok.

My name is Mrs. Cullen. I'm not really a "Mrs." I'm a 22 year old student who loves to eat.

(Me:That was only three sentences)

Sigh. I like to sigh and I love my cat....

( Gimme something more)


(Nothing else?)


YEahhh it's pretty obvious that she's from a different planet all together. And that's coming from a ghost. But the cool thing is that's she's going to be Optometrist, God willing.

Then we have our random hippie. Well she's kinda of a hippie, kinda of a wandering soul, and kinda of a I dunno, but her name is Snake Charmer

i'm a wannabe pollyanna in a sad, sad world.

(can i just give that one line? it pretty much sums up who i am right now)

And I dunno if she appreciates being called a hippie. ::shrugs shoulder::

NOW, for those of you who like sitting in the front seat in class and preview lectures notes BEFORE coming to class and like catching the Professor before they even finish making a mistake, WILL notice that there is one more name.


Now that author, is not any specific author. It's an account open to anyone who wants to write anonymously or just wants to contribute to the blog.

Like our part-time authors Journalist or Simply Me, who'll sign their names at the bottom.

Or some other person that might approach us and want to guest write, and may or may not sign their name.

So there you have it. A re-introduction to the authors. In the style of a thesis paper. Written by a ghost.

If you do want to know about the authors on this blog just click on the About Us label on the Right--------->

So on this blog you'll find a doctor to be, a teacher, an optometrist to be, an arabic/Islamic studies student, another doctor to be, a physician assistant to be, a journalist, an engineer (who left the blog a while ago...but her posts are still up)

And Me?

Like I said...I'm just a floating ghost...enrolled in a school that started a couple days ago and is actively trying to kill me with a bunch of students that are neurotic and psychotic and study everything and talk about it all the time so idiots like me feel like they should float somewhere else.

The end.

C.C., out.

P.S. The original post was definitely better.


Falling Up said...

OMG you seriously posted the whole email? loser.


B. Nightingale said...

I'm new to the blogging world so I'm really glad you girls made that introduction :)

As for me, I'm B.Nightingale, yes in real life my family is named after a bird :P

I love reading, and writing as a hobby.

I love cotton-candy ice cream and's become an obsession of late.

Secretly Identified said...

Well...I'm pretty new to the blogging world myself as well. My name is Secretly Identified. OBVIOUSLY thats not my real name, and I prefer to remain anonymous until I decide otherwise. I'm in my last year of high school mashallah. And I get bored really easily. I love reading, but can't seem to find enough appropriate books to fulfill by demands. Lets see... I write poetry on a n occasion and love eating sweets :P.. I miss living in the great US...And I am sorta blunt and sarcastic at times...That pretty much sums up everything about me.

Mrs. Cullen said...

this really made me "lol."


Muslim Girl said...

Haha this was cute. I always did wonder how many people were contributing to this website :)

Constructive Attitude said...

I dont think ghosts say BOO BOO BOO BOO BOO. its more like "WHOOOOOOOOOOO"

gosh, some ghost you are.

Okie said...

nice...thanks for the intros.

I enjoy lurking around your blog and enjoying the fun things you post. Sometimes I even comment.

As for me, I'm a mid-30s father of 3 and husband of 1. I've spent far too long working in the software industry when my real passion is English lit and my desire is to teach High School. I love to read and write and sadly have a hard time finding enough time/energy to do both as much as I'd like.

Constructive Attitude said...

Dear Okie,

If I may say, I think you should forget this software industry and do what makes you happy. Like seriously. Before you have a midlife crisis and regret everything and its too late!

Simply me said...

hi. thank you. this was so cute. i love you all

CC'slover aka AL said...

i love you

PI said...

"I love tangents and I think it's an essential part of my life, because everything is connected in this very small world." aw thats so me. FU is my soulmate too :D

and CA cracks me up

PI said...

oh and you forgot to mention me- YOUR FAVORITE PERSON (AND STUDY PARTNER) IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. who fails at blogging.

Kate said...

I love this site and all of you. Thanks for reminding us how great you all are.

supreem said...

lol i love Mrs. Cullen's post! :) that was awesome!

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...


I just found y'all's blog, and I can confidently say,

m'A, such a cool read!

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