Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Growing up we were never allowed to own a cat. My dad used to say he was allergic to them so it would be an injustice to him to get one.

We found out later that he just really dislikes cats....

Thanks, dad.

Anyhow, now that I'm not living at home I don't have to worry about Dad's aversion to furry little moving things. I asked the Hubster back when we were engaged what he thought about getting a cat. He totally said no because of maintenance and what not. Apparently he just wanted to surprise me later on.

Which he finally did last week! I came home at night to two little beautiful kittens running around the living room!! Ahhhhhhhh!! They're baby brothers from the Human Society..and they're oh so heartbreaking cute. And they love cuddling up next to us :)

So guess what I found out? Owning cats have tons of benefits.
  1. Cat owners are less likely to die of heart attack or stroke from people who don't have cats.
  2. They also have less stress
  3. And more calmness
  4. And a better immune system. Apparently cats are good for kids with asthma.
  5. Cats are fun friends to play with
  6. They're soft so you can cuddle and pet with them
  7. If the Hubster pisses you off you can go to the cats and they'll lick your nose to make you feel better
  8. Good practice taking care of kids before you actually have them. Actually they're better than kids because you can leave them home alone while you go to work and they don't cry.
  9. They can make good pillows
  10. Cat owners always have someone to come home too...even on the crappiest of days.
There ya have it. 10 benefits of owning a cat. Oh and if you get one adopt it from the Humane Society and make sure you don't declaw them...that's just cruel and unusual punishment for cats.


spilled(skim)milk said...

That's great to hear, masha Allah!

My family and I had a random cat deliver kittens in our backyard recently but after checking out the humane society we don't want to drop them off there due to living conditions. So now we don't know what to do with the cuties!

I definitely agree with the list that you mentioned. Cats have a way of calming you down - even though I used to be afraid of them they really have a way of entering your heart. I hope you have the best of times with them insha Allah! What are you naming them?

Madame Lefty said...

Yes, I've been carrying my fatty named Isis around all day today. Plus cats let you call them fatty and anorexic in Spanish and they are not offended.

*Loves her cats*

Simply me said...

I want a kitty SO bad. Hubby refuses because he was heartbroken from his previous cat being put to sleep.

PS why didnt you take pictures of them and post it up!??!?!? HELLO, WE WANNA SEE CUTENESS UP IN HUURRRRRR!

BubbliMuslima said...

aww i always wanted a cat buy my mom keeps saying no! it ain't fair!!! can't wait till i live alone, inshAllah i'll get one!

Constructive Attitude said...

Ok so after reading number 2, I cant help but think of CC. Is that true of ALLLL cat owners??

And I'm so glad hubster surprised you. :)

Madame Lefty said...

CA- I don't think it's true of all cat owners.

I've been less stressful now that my cats are older, than when I first got them. However, that has more to do with me handling my stress better than the cats themselves. Like right now I'm stressed over something and whenever I feel blah, I go and pick up my fat cat Isis and carry her against her will. (Well mostly, she's a spoiled fat cat.)

So they have a de-stressing aspect, but having them doesn't mean you're less likely to be stressed out. Just that you have a cute fat fuzzball to hug to make you feel better.

Just more info than you cared to know. :D

UmmSqueakster said...

Yaay, another muslim cat fiend! Make sure to post pictures of your babies :)

Anonymous said...

eww gross. i hate animals.

Secretly Identified said...

I. Just. Love. Cats.
They are the most amazing things in the world, we have 2 cats mashallah and even though they aren't the friendly, like to be pet type, they are still adorable mashallah.

Fatima A. said...

I didn't know that.. I have a cat and I really couldn't live without her. She is a part of the family :)

Saba said...

I'm not a huge animal person, but I wouldn't mind having a cat.

Unfortunately, my hubster really doesn't like an animal in the home. He loves going to zoos to look at them, but that's about it. It isn't a big deal for me, though.

I really just want kids :) and I think my wanting a cat really comes from my strong desire for something to nurture.

But, Congratulations!

The Demigoddess said...

I like cats only when I see them in cute pictures with a caption underneath. I am still a dog person.

Muslim Girl said...

Kittens are so cute, can't wait to get one when I'm older. Btw thanks for the heads-up on the whole de-clawing thing -- I honestly don't really know too much about cats and just thought that was like trimming nails.

PI said...

i dont think i really want a cat as a house pet but maybe a barnyard cat.. or a cat that just hangs around outside my house that i can feed once in a while. like the squirrels and rabbits that hang out here in my backyard.

supreem said...

i want a CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i come over and visit them sometime?

Kate said...

So interesting. I am more of a dog person than a cat person...but I've always had a cat. They are way less work.