Friday, August 13, 2010

Help Me be Clean

I hate cleaning.

I really do.

You know what the irony is? There's a saying of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, that 'Cleanliness is half your faith.' Plus, God says in the Qur'aan that He loves those who are clean and pure.

Sigh. I really hope God still loves me even though I don't shower every day, I don't scrub the tub as often as I should, I really hate mopping, and I pretty much leave majority of the house cleaning duties to the Hubster. On the flip side, I do the laundry so I hope that makes up for something...

When I was younger I would clean and organize when I was angry...I don't get as upset about things anymore so that won't help.

This Ramadan I want to work on being a cleaner person*, among other things. Any suggestions on how to get my clean game on while not totally hating it??

*Disclaimer: I am not really that dirty of a person. My house always looks spotless, my clothes new, and I always smell good!! :)


Irendi said...

If you're a person who listens to music, make a cd/ playlist of upbeat songs. Turn it on, and dance (clean) to it. It works for me!

Nasra said...

I love cleaning, just don;t tell me to cook. lets's just say I am not good at it.. I am cleaning

but what you can do is.. imagin that you are teching someone else how to do it.. or, people are there and your performing it

Constructive Attitude said...

I like cleaning. I would rather do that than cook.

I think you and hubster should make a compromise, he cleans, you cook. What a great deal.

Kate said...

If you find the magic answer, please pass it on. If God likes super clean and pure peeps only...I am trouble!

Rationality said...

Eww girl you're weird!
How come you don't!
I think you gonna be changed after getting married :D
But try to organize your room and take a shower daily as a routine for example take a shower every early morning it will become a habit with time.
That would work well I'm sure
Best regards :)

Umm Kadhim said...

Salaam. I like this site:
They give great tips!

Thygirl said...

I have the same problem except I just dont seem to see mess! or it doesnt bother me as much as it really should. But I seem to notice it when im on my period or when Im annoyed so I blast the music and cleeeannn away!!

Muslim Girl said...

Make a list of all the chores / things you need to clean, and cross them off as you go along.

That feeling you get when you successfully cross of something is so great!

supreem said...

i clean to avoid other responsibilities... like today... i cleaned all morning in my room (even though i did this like 3 days ago) instead of doing my EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SOON TO BE DUE RESEARCH STUFF. :x or I listen to something whether it's music or a lecture or an audio book or Quran. :x