Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh the Stupidity

How can I not be worried? I turned on the radio this morning, like
every morning, and tuned into the "Top 40" station. This one is my
least favorite and I only listen to that if the other station is on commercial
break. Most of their topics involve sex or something related and I
can't be bothered with listening to that early in the morning.
I mean, who talks about that in the morning? Who talks about that, at all?

So what I hear today is a married couple nervously phoning into the station
as part of this new segment. I'm thinking why are they so nervous, something bad
must have happened or maybe their marriage is in trouble and they want advice.
Wrong! They were extremely nervous because they had entered their homemade
"sex tape" (I thought only celebrities had those?) into the station. The show producers/DJ's
then take that DVD along with 2 other random DVD's (Disney movies) and shuffle everything up.

Then, the wife was called in to randomly select one of the DVD's. Whatever she picked, would be sentto a person of her choice. She picked the random DVD and then she picked her mother-in-law. MIL!!! (By now I'm already so disgusted by all this). Normally I would switch stations at
such a point (when I feel like they've crossed a line, which is most of the time with this station), but I wanted to know why on earth would anyone put themselves through something like this?

So now the DVD was being hand delivered to the mother in law (at 8 am in the morning, mind you). Obviously the couple was REALLY nervous because they were barely speaking
and they kept saying "omg I'm nervous." And I'm thinking didn't you put yourself in this
position in the first place... and um question of the year...WHY? In the end, the mother in law
played the dvd (not knowing why it was sent to her or what was in it) and lucky for them
it turned out it was Bambi. The wife lucked out because her random selection was not the sex tape. The mother in law was pretty confused and didn't understand what was going on or why her son and daughter in law sounded ecstatic that she was watching Bambi.

Finally the DJ announces the couple has won tickets to the Eminem and Jay Z concert.
I'm thinking ()(*%(*_(#_()_#%@^&*^&*^#_@)$(_)(!!!!!!)
That's what they did that for?
SOOOOOOOOO lame and idiotic and lame to the infinite power.

Is this how lame our country is becoming? Sex is prevalent everywhere, even on
an 8 am radio talk show, which by the way could be playing in a car full of kids going to school in a few weeks! It makes me so angry and frankly, worried.
How is this even allowed? If they absolutely have to have that topic maybe they
can make it a late night segment so no sane person has to hear it. And also for the participants, what kind of message exactly are you sending to people? Is everything so open now in society that you're willing to display your most intimate moments for anyone to see? That too, for some concert??!?!

Why can't people save up and buy tickets like the old days? How disrespectful to the mother in law (and disgusting) to receive that "gift"?? How lame is that husband who doesn't mind sending
in a tape for strange men and women (basically everyone at the radio station) to see? Which by the way,the men were commenting on while airing their show live, about how interesting and "raunchy" it was.

To me that couple is idiotic. Also, Eminem and Jay Z are not exactly national heros (in my opinion), why so much attention?

This radio show has done similar segments before and usually its their morning slot, I know because I've flipped stations tons of times while driving to work. I just can't stand when they talk like that and there's no benefit in listening to it, for anyone! More than that, I just don't want to participate in giving their station any ratings because they obviously don't deserve it.

Is this a problem in other cities as well? Are your radio stations crossing the line?
Is anybody else as worried as I am about our future and how hard it will be to raise kids here?

-Artistic Logic


Irendi said...

You're kidding, right?? If I was the MIL, I'd be infuriated! But, let's discuss the wife...guys really aren't very bashful. But, how could she allow her personal, behind closed doors acts to be seen by any & everyone??!!

This is sickening.

I'm still in Cali, and sometimes the conversations on a couple of stations border on innapropriate for daytime audiences, but I try not to linger on those stations when I'm driving.

-sigh- Sheesh.

PI said...

i kinda think its more sick for the guy to risk his own MOTHER seeing it. these days men and women are both becoming equally obnoxious/un-bashful/promiscuous...


anyway you should just listen to NPR (FM101.9 or 91.7)in the morning like i do.. you never ever have to flip to that station because NPR doesn't have any commercials. and u know whats going on in the city/world

PI said...

i kinda think its more sick for the guy to risk his own MOTHER seeing it. these days men and women are both becoming equally obnoxious/un-bashful/promiscuous...


anyway you should just listen to NPR (FM101.9 or 91.7)in the morning like i do.. you never ever have to flip to that station because NPR doesn't have any commercials. and u know whats going on in the city/world

PI said...

also jay z and eminem are agents of Satan forreal

AL said...

Irendi, I know what you mean about guys... but I was really appalled I just don't understand how a husband could stand having someone else see his wife like that.... esp when he knows exactly what goes on in the guys' minds when they watch this tape.... its ridiculous....

PI i will tune into that one come monday! I still feel like some protest should be done about channels like these..

Youthful Wisdom said...

I think its really sad that we've come to a day and age where the masses of people are distracted by sex, movies, music..."pop culture" basically so that they become ignorant. A people who are engrossed in entertainment are a people who don't reflect and think about the world at large. These programs just perpetuate our sexualized society and excite younger kids so that they think things like sex tapes are fun and cool. It's pathetic, immodest, and stupid...especially since sex is such a beautiful, personal, intimate, and private has taken all of those qualities out and reduced sex to be just an act of entertainment. I think I should write a post about this...

Mrs. Cullen said...

wow. that is just pathetic. i don't know what is wrong with people. what a sad, sad world :-/

Sadiyah said...

That's just idiotic, pathetic, crazy, unbelievable...ughh what were they thinking?????

C said...

I never really listen to the radio unless I can find some talking instead of music but I have never heard of such a thing on a radio station before.Aren't there laws against this? In Canada we have the CRTC. I don't know who the governing body is in the US but you should complain. One person can make a difference or get people to sign a petition. I've complained about ads on tv before and they've been taken off.

Constructive Attitude said...

That radio station is stupid. It needs to just go away. And I think we should really do something and complain like how C said.

Falling Up said...

Shame is not something people carry with themselves anymore. Be it with what you described or ion other matters.

Wael - said...

We should not listen to this kind of corruption. Many rock and roll radio stations feature this kind of garbage in the mornings. Imagine, we Muslims start out day with Fajr prayer, praising Allah, having our minds clear and pure. While they start their day with corruption, first thing in the morning. I know many non-Muslims who avoid these stations for that reason. Surely we Muslims have more common sense! Yes, society is growing sick. But we don't have to buy into it.

Take your iPod and listen to Islamic shows, lectures, Quran, nasheeds. Use your time well. Or just tune to NPR. They have great shows like Talk of the Nation, Science Friday, Car Talk, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, etc.