Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A day

As you guys know it's the month of Ramadan.

An important month for Muslims everywhere. It starts on a different date every year because we follow the lunar calendar.

Anyways that is besides the point...well actually it's kinda is the point of the point.

Sigh. I don't make sense.

I'm sitting in the library, with a binder open, around 14+ hours of lecture that needs to be listened to, and memorized...and I all I want to really do is go home and eat.

Correction> I can't eat until Dusk so never mind.

But that girl sitting behind me, eating that Jimmy John's sandwich....she's .....well...I'm not gonna say she's annoying because it's not her fault she's eating a sandwich.


ahhh there goes that guy again with that stupid Coffee that's helping him stay awake. WHY does he keep walking around with it?!! YEsss we're all happy for you and your stupid coffee that's keeping you awake and I'm SURE no one's going to steal it from you.

Me? I prefer yawning till I have tears running down my face.

Anyways, so what was I talking about...besides my craving for a sandwich?

......My stomach says hello. Grumble, grumble, grumble..... Grumble to you too. It's ONLYYyy two more hours till sunset. It's just sad that I have to say that to myself. sigh.

Really sad.

I just don't want to be here. With books and notes EVER AGAIN..... EVER.....That's not happening anytime soon.

I should just go do some extra prayers. School is wasting my time in Ramadan.

CC, out


Madame Lefty said...


That's all I can really say.

Sadiyah said...

Awww I hate it when Ramadan corresponds with school time - which is always except for this year alhamdulillah!

Ramadan Mubarak (A late one I know, but I haven't been here on the blog for a long time) I hope your stomach behaves itself tomorrow :) Grumble grumble!

Purple Pyro said...

Aww, it's a killer, trying to study in Ramadhan. Your stomach gets a voice of its own! And all food looks good. At least you get extra reward for your patience :P

PI said...

i know. i thought i knew what the word "overwhelmed" meant.. but dang, med school laughs at us. everyday i'm thinking about modifyying. but i dont want to be a year olderwhen i graduate. sigh. its ok things will be better for the next section!! IA

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

At least you're getting smarter, whilst I lounge around at home...
but school starts in 2 weeks iA.


I'm also super stoked.


Constructive Attitude said...

school is stupid.