Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Dance

Did anyone purchase this game for Wii?? CUZ I HAVE! It came in the mail yesterday. I needed to persuade The Husband a little bit because he wasn't feeling too comfortable with the idea of me being able to watch him dance (yet supposedly he LOVES to dance. Go figure.)

The commercial made it look like so much fun and I figured this is a healthy substitute for going clubbing (not that I've ever been clubbing). Yeah yeah, you all might think it's lame-oh but The All Mighty Allah has commanded us to surround ourselves with good (good people, good environment...) and lower our gaze/protect our modesty. And no matter what people say, especially other Muslims, there is NO wayyyyyyy you can go to the club and lower your gaze/not get involved in the dancing! Come on let's be real! BTW: I'm soooooooooo thankful to God my close friends (the authors on this blog, plus more that aren't on this blog) were never part of that social scene (drugs/clubbing) because you are who you're friends are. <3 you guys.

So ANYWAY, I decided to bring the dancing to MY house, so it can be halal and stufff. :) The Husband and I played the game for a half hour and I'll tell you, he's better than I am. When you're "dancing" to the music, you will either get an X, OK, or GREAT, depending on how close you imitate their moves. I got a few GREATS and mostly X's and OK's, lol but The Husband got LOTS of GREAT and everytime I'd turn to see what he was doing, he'd get embarrassed, lol. The hardest dance was "Groove is in the Heart" cuz there were all these funny arm movements and I was always doing the opposite of the image on the screen. It seemed more like a workout rather than dancing, which is fine cuz I sure need a workout. But I am going to bring this game plus my two Wii controllers when I go to the midwest for vacation (in 2 weeks) and I'm expecting you all (the authors on this blog) to play this game with me! Trust me, it'll be so much fun! And since my sister has Wii, we'll have a total of 4 people playing at once. Can't wait to see who's got the best dance moves! ;)

Oh and I wanted to leave you with one of my favorite verses from the Qur'an: "Was not the Earth of Allah spacious enough for you to move yourselves away (from evil)?" Chapter 4:97. This is one of my favorite verses because it's so true. We (myself first) all need to stop coming up with so many excuses for our behavior because one day that same excuse isn't going to cut it.

- Simply Me


Constructive Attitude said...

OMGGGGG!! Bring it with you when you come home. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Little Ms Blogger said...

I've never even seen an ad for this Wii game - the cover looks like a throwback from the 70's or 80's.

Sounds like it was fun.

Artistic Logic said...

that's so funny and i want to play it but no one can look at me

and i always think of that verse!!

Sherlock Bones said...

i would like to buy that but every time i go to the store, some keeners have come and taken everything =( i guess i'm not destined to buy a wii! i'm looking forward to playing tennis on it, since i suck at tht sport in real life...btw nice blog, i'm new to the blogging scene, and so far i'm thoroughly enjoying myself! and sadly, i'm also addicted =(