Thursday, March 4, 2010


I work at one of my Uncle’s hotels’ in reservations which is- interesting to say the least. Last week we checked in our first Bolivian guest, who also happened to be a diplomat. Which was really awesome. Anyways, so the system is set up where you have to put in the person’s nationality and send a police report for every guest that checks in. We didn’t have Bolivia in our system. And it was really funny because my supervisor was like, oh so he’s American we’ll just put him as American in the system. And im like staring at him- like whaaa? He’s SOUTH AMERICAN meaning different continent… it was funny. And the guest was soooo incredibly nice that I told him all food and drinks were on me :).

What else has happened? Oh, I got a shiatsu massage- for those of you who don’t know what that means; it’s a Japanese form of torture. Now I only went because I went on a bunch of rides with my cousins where they don’t have safety belts so your like being tossed around in a giant salad bowl and my arms and back kept getting hit over and over again. Oh and the icing on the cake was my cousin’s friend, who fell off her seat and then proceeded to kick me in the back as the ride spun around- again, and again. It was …fun.

Back to the massage. I give these people props for the whole setup. It was like walking into medieval Japan, pretty cool. The music was just right. They had an overflowing waterfall and dim lighting. Even the massage bed was on the floor in these little Japanese-like rooms that opened and closed like canvas screens. I felt very trustful and open. And then the torture began.

The way this woman used and moved my muscles.. I can not describe nor do I want to. Lets just say afterwards I felt like spaghetti- and not in a good way. Although I’m not entirely sure how feeling like spaghetti could ever be misconstrued as good… but I guess it worked because I feel amazing now. But I WILL NEVER GO BACK.

Oh and I got my work visa! YES!! :D I didn’t actually do anything but one of my uncles was running around for three days getting everything done. All I had to do was show up at the hospital and take a blood test and a chest xray- im not sure why the xray but it was all smooth as butter. Although it was kind of awkward because they were mostly all guys there and that was the day I decided I would try on my electric blue tights… awkward. :)
Right. That is my update from the nether regions that is Dubai. :)


Heckety said...

Wow! You sure are going for the 'lets experience everything' thing! I laughed at the Bolivia story- years ago when my sis was a travel rep she had an American couple arrive in London who thought they could use dollars- didn't realise the English have their own currency! People's misconceptions amaze me sometimes, but they make for great stories!!!

C said...

Chest x-ray was probably to check if you had TB.

Constructive Attitude said...

sounds like ur having fun :)

Also why the heck dont they have seatbelts on teh rollercoasters?

Little T said...

A blood test and chest xray? That is strange.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Well good for you for getting your work visa. That's gotta be so cool meeting all those people from different countries. I love meeting people from different countries, the culture differences always amaze me!!

I totally agree shiatsu is the perfect blend of pain & bliss. =)

Good luck!! =)

Artistic Logic said...

can i check into that hotel and can you be my concierge (however that's spelled) and can you pick up the tab for all my food n drinks??' kthanks

sounds like fun take some pics of dubai for me!!