Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mrs. Cullen: The Musician

Dear Friends,

Hope the week is going by quickly for all of you. Or—not so quickly if there is something in the future that you are not looking forward to. Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys something I am trying.

Ok, like most college students—actually never mind. Like—well practically everyone in the world—I enjoy music. Personally, I enjoy depressing, love songs. (I’m so lame and pathetic sometimes.) Anyway, yeah, that’s me. I listen to music on my way to college, on my way home, while walking to class, while walking to my car after class, on my way to work, on my way home from work, on my way to hang out, on my way back from hanging out, in my room while studying, in my room while doing nothing, when I’m bored on youtube, and more.

In Islam, music is a kinda touchy topic. Most scholars say that music is not permissible. And there are many reasons that are given for this. But anyway. That’s not really my point. My point is that, for me, music kinda was/is a big part of my life. And then I realized that it was such a distraction. So many times I would have random songs (usually Lada Gaga) stuck in my head. It was so annoying. I guess I kinda fell in love with it. Seriously. I mean I listened to it 24/7, how lame is that. Anyway, some of you probably think 1. I listened to music too much or 2. Who cares its not a big deal. But, well it kinda is a big deal for me.

I just felt like it was becoming too much a part of my life. Ok maybe I am exaggerating a lot. I dunno. The point is. For a few weeks I gave it up. I thought it was going to be SO HARD. And impossible. I mean, I have over 900 songs on my iPod. How was I gonna do it?? Well, it wasn’t hard at all. And ever since I stopped, I honestly, truly feel that my mind is always clear. I might sound lame to you guys. But you should try it for just a day or two, or maybe a week. Promise, I feel like my mind is always so clear now. Also, not listening to music has cut down so much other useless stuff in my life. For example: I no longer surf Youtube for hours and hours. I no longer listen to stupid radio stations, and I’m listening to a lot of Quran. And I realized that if I can easily have all the songs that play on the radio memorized, then I should easily be able to memorize parts of the Quran (as Muslims, it’s a great deed to memorize the Quran, and many benefits believed to come for those who do so…just as it is believed in Christianty for those who memorize the Bible).

So yeah, a friend and I starting memorizing together, kinda, AHEM AHEM..Anyway. That’s all I really have to say. Sorry to bore you. You should try not listening to music for a day or two and tell me how it goes. Oh. Or in the spirit of Lent, are you giving up anything???

Yours for the Sake of Peace and Sisterhood,
Mrs. Cullen


*mary* said...

I know what you mean! I used to listen to music ALL DAY, seriously. After I became a mother that wasn't reasonable (newborn+ constant noise= nah) and that is when I realized how cluttered my mind had become with lyrics and riffs and all that jazz. (Well, not literally jazz, but you get the point.)

Faith said...

OMG you just described exactly what I went through when I first quit music ;D
like two years ago.. and it felt impossible at first then it felt just normal! I mean we think we need it but we really don’t. And so true about brain clarity I felt I have thoughts instead of lyrics. They say you can’t have both music and Quran words on your heart. And I completely believe that.
Congrats girl this is really great :)

Constructive Attitude said...

How long does lent go for? I always wanted to know more about it.

Anyways, I have been semi-memorizing. wdyhm.

And today when I came into work, I was going to put on the radio and do some work, but I thought better of it. Some days I wish and think I should put that Quran CD that you gave me on in my classroom, and just listen to it while I work before or after school. But I'm always afraid of being judged. but i shouldnt care, because WHO CARES what other people think. I'm not doing anything illegal or sinful or haram or harmful. right? right. sigh.

Heckety said...

I think you are right on music songs being a distraction, but I also know that if I choose unwisely in what I listen to the words can soak in and 'poison' my thoughts- aggressive or depressing or agitated or just not good. As this kinda limits what I can listen to it works out for the best for me!
Just because its all out there, doesn't mean we have to listen to it all, same as a load of other stuff, pick'n'choose!

And Lent goes from Ash Wednesday (yesterday) until Easter Sunday, which is April 4th this year. It symbolises the 40 days and nights which Jesus fasted in the Wilderness before he began his ministry...does that make sense? I think Easter has something to do with the new moon but not sure, I just know its always different, so Ash Wed and Shrove Tues (Mardi Gras) move too!

Mrs. Cullen said...

Thanks Heckety for that information about Lent.

CA--I was gonna tell you to take that CD to your classroom but then I thought the exact samething (if someone walked in, etc). But yeah, who cares. And no one would judge you. If anything they would be like oo whats that and maybe ask a question or two? Jus doo it boo.

Mark said...

I love that you have reflected on how the constant listening of music was impacting you. Music is wonderful, I love music, I love songs yet it is not healthy to always be plugged in and to never know silence. In some ways the constant noise that music provides can be and is often a distraction and it does tend to numb our thinking. It is great that you have unplugged and that you are using your unplugged time to do other things such as read and memorize the Quran. There are many people who would not even understand what it means to be "unplugged". You are opening doors and creating more experiences because of your decision. Thanks for sharing.

MarjnHomer said...

I was so addicted to music that I would record my fave ones before the era of youtube and ipods. I dont listen to music any more. no radio in the car, only for news and no radio at home. if i put something on imesh ill listen but most often not.

Youthful Wisdom said...

That's awesome mashaAllah. It's important for us to realize how the things we do impact our daily lives (positively and negatively). I'm really proud that you critically analyzed your situation and made a decision to bring change in your life. That's really hard for most people (including myself). Props!

Anonymous said...

That takes A WHOLE LOT OF STRENGTH and I'm glad you pushed yourself and have been successful. I think everything in moderation is good. Well, every good thing in moderation lol.

You guys are my inspiration - seriously!! mashallah. I <3 you

Artistic Logic said...

that's really good since music these days is not worth listening to anyways!
im happy for you =)

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

dear Mrs. Cullen, 1st of all... you CAN have my closet. let's start sharing!!! woohoo

ok... that's a good idea. I stopped watching TV, entirely years ago and I DON'T MISS IT. I feel a lot more free now.

Mrs. Cullen said...

AMBAR--- tv?? Wow!!! You are SO COOL! Seriously. I wish I would do that...maybe some day:)

Margie said...

Thanks for sharing this!
I do love music but there are many days when I go without listening to any as I also love my silence!
Silence is peace to me!

Margie :)