Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mrs. Cullen: Is Frustrated!!

Dear Friends,

There is something that has been crazy bothering me lately and CC has been asking me to write a post about it. So, here I go. So there is this guy. That I don’t know. I mean. All I know of him is his name (lets call him S). And that he goes to school with my sister. They are in a professional program together in a city far, far away: New York City (sigh). Oh. And hes black. HOLLA.

There is a professor in the program who doesn't like a few students. They are four students. They are four of the only non-Caucasian students in the program. I think the program only has 13 students anyway. Two are black and two are Muslim girls (one is Indian and the other is Yugoslavian—FYI I had no idea how to spell that and it took me forever to Google it and find out). Anyway, the semester ended for all the students, and this professor was giving these four students a hard time. She went as far as to tell S that he failed her class. FYI failing means getting a “C.” It also means that he must retake this one class next year. But she decided to lie to him and tell him that it means that he must drop out of his third year classes, and wait until next Fall and become a second year all over again. Anyway, maybe you're wondering why can she make these rules? Well, she can’t. But she does. The director of the program listens to whatever she says. And so do all the other teachers. Why? Because she has tenure. She makes bazillion dollars for the school, for research. So, yeah. They basically kiss her butt.

Still, its not fair. What she’s doing to these students (especially S) isn’t fair. Right? Right. Its crazy. She went as far as to convince the director of the program to move S back a whole year. Sigh. And he listened. Blah. Maybe you guys don’t care. But I really care. This realllllly bothered me. That she was being mean and racist. Just because she didn’t like the student. What made me even more mad is that I felt that my sister and her classmates could REALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE SITUATION. And they were. They were trying to bring justice. But they truly felt like it didn’t matter what they had to say. I created ideas in my head, in which I would contact the school and pretend to be a lawyer. My dad said I could get in trouble for doing that. Sigh. Anyway, the teachers took it too far. They even had S escorted from campus. He was told not to come back on campus. WTH?? As if hes a freaking criminal. Anyway, I felt so bad for S. He lives on his own and honestly if something like that happened to me I would cry and cry and cry and possibly consider hurting myself (ok maybe I am a drama queen but..I do take school very seriously). Anyway, S is smart. The next day he went to the director of the entire school (not just the program). So, the lady he was meeting is basically the boss to those racist fools.

He asked her why this was happening. And you know what she told him? She told him that these select few teachers told her that S was a bad student and that he never went to classes (FYI you aren't allowed to miss ANY classes in professional schools, or you get kicked out). And all these other lies. She was furious. Sigh. Basically she fixed things. Thank God. Anyway, there is a lot more to it but I don’t want to bore you guys. Oh and an interesting fact I learned was that the last time this program had a black student was about five years ago. And he ended up leaving the school and suing because of racism issues. Basically the day I found out this was happening I could not sleep. I just wanted to pray to God for justice for S, and cry. Blah. I HATE HATE HATE when bad things happen to good people. Or to anyone. And you know what made me more mad?? That the professors and director of this program are REALLY REALLY educated people. They have Ph.Ds. They have gone to many colleges and written so many books and done such great things. So how can they be so ignorant and so mean? And if people like these are so ignorant then WHY SHOULDN’T NON-EDUCATED/POORLY EDUCATED/SEMI EDUCATED PEOPLE BE like this? Blah. I hate when bad things happen to people. The system is messed up. And I really have no hope for this world.

Yours for the Sake of….Hope, I guess,

Mrs. Cullen

PS: An interesting fact about S: He is a trainer at this high profile gym and he trained Taylor Lautner (the guy who plays Jacob in Twilight!!) for the movie..oh em gee.


Anonymous said...
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AL said...

wow somebody delete that ^

this is sad but im glad he got it fixed....i guess education sometimes makes people more arrogant and people always take advantage of their power...
sucks =[

Constructive Attitude said...

sigh. i hate when bad things happen to good people too.

and shouldnt that say something about the other student that they accepted five years ago. i really think he should sue them too and take them to like court and like television and expose these people!

p.s. everytime i hear this story i think of what your mom said. i dont know why. djm.

Constructive Attitude said...

p.s. im the one who deleted that first comment. just an fyi.

Margie said...

Oh, this is just sooooo wrong!
Messed up system, Indeed!
And messed up educators!
Mrs. Cullen, I can so understand why you are frustrated!

Anonymous said...

That's so freaking unbelievable!! Especially for it to happen in this state! What jerks!! I am glad he went to the head and that they didn't get away with it though, Alhamdulillah. Insha'Allah the rest of the years are easy for him too.

Faith said...

That really made me mad :I
Few similar things have been going on around me lately and last night me too begged God for justice :'(

You’re so right about how well educated they are you cant imagine the amount of ignorance and hatred they carry with them!!

The Author said...
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Mrs. Cullen said...

Faith---I hope everything works out for you. I'm sorry :( and I'll pray for you. Sigh!

Chuckle said...

that ain't right! major sigh. sometimes i feel like i'm indirectly targeted in my program. and at times it might be because i look different but a lot of other times it's because of my size.

people might think that minorities use the RACE CARD a lot but look at where we've come from. our country was born from racism. so no matter how much progress we make, it's still a big/ginormous/humongous issue.

oh and you guys should read "the Tortilla Curtain" for your next book selection.

Fatima said...

I hate racism. No, like REAAALLYY, REAAALLY hate racism so this sort of made me frustrated as well. I totally get how you're feeling (whath a load of biotches!) But justice is ALWAYS victorious in the end, whether it be in this life or the next. It helps if you know your rights as well and what you're entitled to so it's good that "S" did something about it!

Little T said...

Bigots come in all shapes, sizes, education levels and professions. I hope that S is taking this as far as possible with the school board. His experience sucks but even worse would be leaving people like that in a position of power. These are the people we need to use as an example of what not to do. I would be more than happy to write an e-mail detailing my distaste if the school directors e-mail happened to leak out somehow...

Mrs. Cullen said...

Little T: Thanks so much. You are so kind. Sigh. I wish things like that could help. Blah. Right now the situation is getting kinda bad but I'll write another post next week, because hopefully things will get better by then...SIGH!

ModestJustice said...

The worst part is that crap like this happens ALL the time.
And few are ever reported or challenged.

I'm so glad S went back and QUESTIONED the decisions of those ignorant bastards (excuse my language but I'm sick of it)

And minorities hardly ever pull the race card, it's just the one time we actually stand up for ourselves, we're accused of 'using' it.

S should get that professor fired but the reality is that he can't. He can't win against this system of racism but at least he tried.

ugh, the world sucks. I'm not even going to go into it.

Good post.

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